Orcam are sea-dwelling tribesfolk that resemble humanoid whales, and dwell in cold climates, hunting the bounty of the waters. Having an aggressive culture of strength and achievement, many orcam are drawn to adventure on the surface of Porphyra, to prove their worth and eliminate threats to the environment upon which their tribes depend. These folk live for honor and strength today, leaving concerns about wealth, history or the nebulous future to other, less important, races.

Physical Description: Orcam have large, hulking builds and stand over 6 feet tall. They are entirely hairless and their thick skin is covered in white and black patterns reminiscent of those found on killer whales. They have small, flattened noses and small teeth. Both the toes and fingers of the orcam have slight webbing and some have small ridges on their backs and legs where fins would be located. These vestigial elements lead most scholars to believe that orcam are descended from whales, though some believe they are an off shoot of orcs modified through magical means.

Society: Orcam are a race of humanoids encountered in the open sea, usually in the company of whale pods. Orcam lead a nomadic existence, always traveling to a new feeding ground or mating area with the whale pods they live with. Orcam create bone tools, kelp strands, and make hide armor themselves, but little else in the way of finished goods. They are well versed in the locations where large sea creatures go to die and often scour these areas for suitable bone sections, always careful to remain respectful of the spirits whose bodies they are disturbing.

The orcam race has more females than males, and they co-exist within matrilineal relationships and structures. Orcam mate for life; when one partner dies, the other never seeks another mate. Mated couples produce offspring every few years and these births are almost always of a single child. Twins are seen as a sign of good luck.

Orcam live in large tribes called pods, open to any who swear allegiance to that tribe. A tribe is led by a prime who makes all decisions for the group, after hearing advice from elders and spiritual leaders. These folk are very war-like, practicing combat skills at every opportunity. They typically settle serious disputes with duels, often fought to the death to prevent the same disagreement from troubling the pod again. The whales they coexist with are a vital part of their community and are treated more as family than as pets.

Orcam do not value knowledge unless it is practical, but they do respect those who have skills useful in day-to-day living. These folk live for honor and strength today, leaving concerns about wealth, history or the nebulous future to other, less important, races.

Relations: Due to their emphasis on strength and power, orcam often bully other races, pushing them around in an attempt to get them to fight back. Most races fail to understand that this dominance posturing can be halted if they respond aggressively. Orcam tribes travel through many areas of the ocean but each has its own home territory. Damaging this territory or intruding in it frequently can have serious repercussions for adventurers. Orcam rarely have much respect for surface dwellers, but they especially do not take kindly to whalers hunting anywhere near their territory. Orcam traditionally dislike humans, as they are a race that most frequently engages in whaling and overfishing. A human-made boat is usually up to an activity that orcam dislike, in their opinion. Elves that ply the sea often do so in very beautiful craft, which fascinates orcam. Some pods that have had contact with elves ascribe strange myths and stories to the race. Other land-based humanoid races are met so infrequently by orcam that they would simply consider them to be short or ugly humans, and treat them accordingly.

Religion: On Porphyra, orcam clerics and champions revere Ithreia above all other gods, in her incarnation as Seasinger, and they picture her avatar as a vast amalgam of orcam and humpback whale cow. Some with a more vengeful, warlike bent follow Nise, especially female warriors that have lost their mate. Adventuring orcam sometimes follow Veiloaria, and attempt to live on land for extended periods of time, even travel underground! Those few evil orcam gravitate to serve the evil ice and frost giants as sea commandos, following the Ice Tyrant fanatically.

Adventurers: Those of the orcam race that adventure often do so as part of a rite of passage, while trying to gain power and allies. Like so many other races, the orcam enjoy the idea of being able to prove themselves to their tribe. More than often it is a goal that they wish to complete that brings them out of the waters. It can be as simple as showing their strengths and looking for worthy challenges that would make their tribes proud of them back home, looking for more people to trade goods with, or it can be as complicated as trying to show that they're not the savages so many outsiders think them to be. Orcam seldom become wizards or their martial versions, eldritch knights and arcane archers, but enthusiastically become champions, slayers, stalwart defenders and fighters. Assassins and rogues are seen as beneath the honor of the race. Joining adventuring parties often takes place as part of the adventure, or by the simple reason of being hired as a mercenary.

Names: Orcam have two names: one for on land, and one for underwater. Their names in their own language sound like whistles and high pitch wails; one who travels with air-breathing Common speakers often use airbound names, if only because most non-speakers cannot imitate the sounds. Those who travel underwater, tend to keep their deep name.

Male: [Deep Name] Beeyoror, Berroop-oop, Ribibib, Roopiroob, Baya-yana
[Airbound] Chikik, Chee-yik, Kikichik, Kee-keek, Cheek-ik
Female: [Deep Name] Hwung-ung, Heey-yoo-Ee, Whahahann, Hawahahah, Hoop-Ooo
[Airbound] Ikik-Ik, Ayik-Eek, *Spray of Mist*, Ekee-kee, *High Pitched Whistle*

Orcam Racial Characteristics
Orcam are defined by their class levels—they do not possess racial Hit Dice. All orcam have the following racial characteristics.

  • +2 Con, +2 Cha, –2 Int: Orcam tend to be hardy folk with a friendly disposition. Formal education is not highly valued in orcam society.
  • Medium: Orcam are Medium creatures who have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Humanoid: Orcam are humanoids with the orcam subtype.
  • Speed: Orcam have a base land speed of 30 ft. and can swim at a speed of 40 ft. as well.
  • Low-Light Vision: Orcam can see twice as far as humans in dim light.
  • Echolocation: As a move action, orcam can emit a high-frequency sound, inaudible to most creatures that allow them to locate objects and creatures within 30 feet. A silence spell negates this ability and forces the orcam to rely on its other senses. This ability only works underwater.
  • Cold Resistance: Orcam are very accustomed to the cold of the deep ocean. They possess cold resistance 5.
  • Hold Breath: Orcam can hold their breath for a number of rounds equal to four times their Constitution score before risking drowning or suffocating.
  • Weapon Training: Due to their traditional hunting practices orcam are always proficient with all spears (including exotic), tridents, and nets.
  • Whale Rider: Orcam receive a +2 racial bonus on Ride checks with whales and dolphins.
  • Standard Languages: Orcam begin play speaking Aquan and Orcam. Orcam with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Aboleth, Aklo, Common, Sahuagin, Whalesong; (speak with whales)
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