Reputedly, the ogdoad (singular and plural) are descendants of beings that swam about in the muck of primordial Chaos, before the forces of Law condensed existence into what we now call time. The ogdoad are closely connected with the element of water and with the essence of dreamstuff.

Many-hued and alien-minded, these creatures are in some ways similar to demons, devils, and celestials. However, instead of dwelling in abysmal landscapes or heavenly domiciles, they continue to wade around in the few planar pockets of Primordial Chaos that the forces of Law didn’t “corrupt.” As such, they grow and change constantly, but share a few common characteristics. All ogdoad are bipedally humanoid in form, though they resemble vaguely human-shaped frogs or toads.

Legends say that the ogdoad are servants of elder beings of immense power and whose inconstant nature is utterly hostile to mortals. Ogdoad feature strongly in the legends of aquatic peoples such as sahuagin, skum, merfolk, and even the cetacean orcam. It is said that when ancient cataclysms sunk long-forgotten empires of the past, the ogdoad enjoyed free rein of the oceans, and have been trying to re-establish a foothold there ever since.

The Great Old One Invasion
The ogdoad were complicit in the 3,000 BC invasion by the Great Old Ones, and their human thralls, the Kayanoi. The toad-outsiders cracked open a door in the dimensions with their power, to let the invaders into Porphyra’s reality. Promises of ocean domination were made and many ogdoad set up small fiefdoms throughout Porphyra’s oceans and shores. A certain amount of genetic mixing engendered such races as the evil boggards and the benign grippli and doathi, though legends of their patronage are vague. Such strange monsters as frog-fathers and blindheim also speak to ogdoad interference in Porphyran development. With the repulsion of the invasion by the Elementalist Zendik Order, a number of ogdoad were captured by native Porphyran water-sorcerers, and enthralled for many centuries. The powers of these outsiders was put to use in many schemes, though a few found their way back to the depths of Limbo.

(ogdoad): An ogdoad possess the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a specific ogdoad’s entry).

  • Alien Mindset (Ex; Cha) Ogdoad have a +4 racial bonus to resist all mind and fear effects. Further, anyone attempting to read an ogdoad’s mind must succeed at a Will save. If successful, the character is stunned for 1 round and the mind-reading fails. If the save fails, the mind-reading fails and the character is stunned for 1 round and then affected by a lesser confusion effect for the following 1d4 rounds.
  • Attunement (Su) An ogdoad’s natural weapons may be attuned as a swift action to bypass the DR of one subtype of outsider. This attune lasts until the ogdoad changes it as a swift action or dismisses it as a free action.
  • Summon Ogdoad (Sp) An ogdoad can attempt to summon one or more other members of its race as a standard action. Ogdoad summoned in this way remain for 1 hour, and summoned ogdoad can’t use their own summon ogdoad ability for 1 hour.
  • Skills (Ex) An ogdoad has a +8 racial bonus on Athletics checks to swim. It can always choose to take 10 on these checks. It can use the run action while swimming, provided it swims in a straight line.
  • Senses: darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision.
  • Healing: All ogdoad have fast healing 5.
  • Defense: resist cold 5, fire 5, sonic 5; immunity to acid
  • Metabolism: none
  • Languages Ogdoadt.

Sample Ogdoads

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