Obsessive Fixation

Obsessive Fixation: A spellcaster with an obsessive fixation develops a tendency toward repetition. This manifests itself differently depending on whether the spellcaster prepares spells, is a spontaneous caster, or uses spell-like abilities. When preparing spells, an afflicted spellcaster must attempt to prepare as many duplicate spells as she can, meaning she prepares two copies of each spell she picks, but cannot exceed her normal number of spell slots to do so. This need to prepare multiples (thus limiting her versatility) is the only effect. If the spellcaster is a spontaneous caster or uses spell-like abilities, when that spellcaster casts a spell or uses a spell-like ability, she must cast that spell again on her next turn, or becomes dazed for 1 round at the end of her turn. Once she casts two copies of the same spell in a row or becomes dazed, the obsessive fixation resets, and she can cast any spell she knows, starting the cycle again.

Obsessive fixation can be suppressed for 1 day with an effect that removes confusion or insanity.

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