Nemyth Vaar

Nemesis, The Knight Demise
God of Betrayal, Insanity and Revenge
Worshippers: Fallen knights, mercenaries, outcasts
Domains: Death, Earth, Madness, Porphyran
Favored Weapon: Bastard sword
Favored Animal: Raven
Favored Instrument: Double bass

The third risen God of Porphyra, coming into divinity after The Calling, is Nemyth Vaar, which, in Old Porphyran, means ‘knight of death’ or The Knight Demise. He rose during the NewGod Wars following The Calling, though even the Divine Record has no hint of the name of the mortal shell that was his genesis. The slim volume Outcast’s Creed names him only as Nemesis, though he was obviously one of the greatest warriors of His age, and probably of Porphyran ethnicity. Nemyth Vaar holds no allegiance to any other deity, however, as he and his faithful are contemptuous of other faiths, even those who hold common domains. The Knight Demise has learned the folly of trust.

Nemyth Vaar is not so much worshipped as he is appeased by all those who fear the sort of corruption he represents. Anyone actually seeking to betray another would do well to seek out a shrine to The Nemesis and make a small offering. The Knight Demise has shrines, collectively called the Court of Debts, in most major cities and many smaller towns. Even a single Irreverent, as the clergy are dubbed, can represent the Court of Debts in a village and take tithes from the carefully guilty and the fearfully innocent alike. The Irreverants are tolerated in most cities because of the vital civil service they provide: they staff and maintain asylums. It is said that the faithful of Nemyth Vaar can hear divine truth in the ramblings of the mad. More often, however, they end up being inmates themselves. Irreverents are encouraged to engage in martial training with the bastard sword, and are sometimes found supplying clerical support in mercenary bands—indeed Nemyth Vaar is often claimed as the patron ‘Saint’ of mercenaries. The paragons of his service are the Night Terrors, anti-paladins who receive their calling in the form of demonic nightmares that subject them to the same trials of ‘ascension’ spoken of in Nemesis’ legend.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Irreverents can only prepare their spells at midnight, except for nights of the full moon. On these nights, they can prepare at any point between sunset and dawn. The rituals are fairly brief, as outlined in the Outcast’s Creed, but must be performed where something sentient has bled or died. If there is not violence where the cleric kneels to pray, no spells are forthcoming. Lastly, the Irreverent must be wearing either a metal helmet or metal gauntlets during prayers. Otherwise, the Betrayer Betrayed affords them nothing.

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