A canonical text of dead Cthulhu, the dread Necronomicon is a collection of visions sweeping vast vistas of planes, space, and time. Surprisingly common for such a forbidding text, the Necronomicon is often the first source of knowledge, the first step on a path to damnation and insanity. It is frequently found translated into other languages. The Necronomicon offers tantalizing glimpses of many different secrets. It has descriptions of many relatives and servants of Cthulhu, but it is long on hints and short on details and holds a lot of grim lore a sane person would desperately claim is hyperbole.
8th—create greater undead, demand, dreamwalker
7th—banishment, control undead, dream council, sequester
6th—analyze dweomer, antilife shell, circle of death, plane shift, true seeing
5th—contact creature, dream, nightmare
4th—control water, death ward, deathless, dismissal, impossible angles
3rd—animate dead, blood biography, halt undead, see invisible
2nd—command undead, desecrate, false life, gentle repose, ghoul touch, twisted space
1st—bane, cause fear, chill touch, comprehend languages, hide from undead
Preparation Ritual
Name of the Beast (Ex): By invoking one of the multitude of names found in the Necronomicon, you can expend the boon when casting a spell from the book against an aberration or outsider to increase the Save DC and caster level by +1.
Gain a bonus equal to the spell level of the highest-level spell in the book you can cast on Knowledge (dungeoneering, geography) checks.
The curse of the Necronomicon is in the knowledge it gives; readers are easily ensnared and fascinated to such a degree that they devote their lives to the study of the Great Old Ones and their works. This begins as innocent curiosity, but over time develops into a craving to verify if these things actually exist, which can lead to confrontation with the Great Old Ones themselves and possibly to their liberation.

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