The Hidden God, The Starfallen, the Betrayed
Worshipers: Derro, sentient oozes; potentially, astronomers, inventors, seekers of forbidden knowledge
Domains: Artifice, Earth, Knowledge, Void
Favored Weapon: Aklys
Favored Animal: Firefly
Favored Instrument: Gong

The story of Najim the Starfallen has been a long suppressed cycle of events, which may or may not ever come to light… When The Calling was issued, the galactic being known to Porphyra as Najim (‘Star’ in Old Porphyran) came to the call, eager to impart the greedy knowledge of the Dark Tapestry. Najim brought a tiny planetoid with It, a rocky new worldet rife with odd energies. The god was ambushed, however, by a temporary coalition of the Forge-god Linium, and the envious Kamus. Attacked, rent from Its source of power, Najim was buried deep beneath Purple Mountain, a comatose shell of a god, inhabited within by weird creatures drawn to its alien energies. Linium stole Najim’s Land, and made it the super-secret Enclave; Kamus took the humanoid beings that had been brought along with the Land, the first slaves on Porphyra.

A few seekers mad enough to sense Najim’s buried and comatose thoughts have found Its ‘body’ deep in the earth, and are attempting to contact Its divine mind. Oozes and aberrations are also attracted to Its aura, though their thoughts on the matter are unknowable. If freed, Najim’s cult would grow rapidly, as It brings a domain heretofore unknown on Porphyra, and would oppose both the weapons-superior Linites, and the slavetaking Kamians.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Najim does not as yet grant spells, but among those sensitive or mad enough to know It, meditation under the stars, or facsimiles underground, are somehow important.

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