Whisperer in the Darkness, The Crawling Evil
Ascended Qlippoth
Worshippers: Berserkers, madmen, seekers of forbidden lore
Minions: Summoned qlippoth, giant insects, vermin
Domains: Elementalist, Madness, Night, Vermin
Lower Realms Dominated: Gut-Gabolorth
Favored Weapon: Machete
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: Centipede
Favored Instrument: Guiro

Naehemoth is an ascended qlippoth, an outsider race notorious for their horrific appearance; and it (for no gender has ever been assigned to The Crawling Evil) is the epitome of such. For the ranks of demon lords fluctuate from age to age, and it is surprising how quickly the name of a defeated, exiled or exterminated demon lord fades from the memory of sentient beings. Into one particular power vacuum arrived the up-and-coming ascended qlippoth lord Naehemoth, who betrayed his fellows on a vast scale to become a full-fledged demon lord, absorb the power and position of some forgotten loser in the battles in the Lower Realms, and settle into a niche of vile humanoid need by giving the gifts of madness, battle-lust, and scraps of knowledge forgotten by those that seek it, but remembered in bad dreams. Fragments of torn-up journals left by violently psychotic, incarcerated wizards who uttered one wrong syllable when dealing with Naehemoth describe a living, moving heap of mutilated bug, worm and arachnid parts, with random spurts of ichor and pus and- most disturbingly- the odd perfectly formed humanoid limb or long-lashed eye on the end of a bleeding tentacle.

Naehemoth’s occasional followers follow a simple method of worship; learn and contemplate the nature of the Whisperer in Darkness, fall into a fugue of madness whereby you eliminate all that bothers you, and repeat. Some foul clans make a religion out of it, others simply sink into raving lunacy until they are put down. More educated cultists don the worm-robes for more esoteric purposes. Extracting forgotten lore from the pus-mind that is Naehemoth is a tricky business indeed, a true test of skill for the demonologist or demoniac, with the reward of knowledge that can be gotten no other way, and the punishment for failure having your brain eaten by worms…

Spell Preparation Ritual
Smear the secretions of a dried furorem beetle (included in a spell component pouch) inside your eyelids, and experience the brief but intense hallucinations the toxins within give you (staggered during spell preparation.) Invoke the name of Naehemoth while you ride out the colors without light. Ingestion by others is the same as small centipede poison, and will deplete your stock (restock for 10 gp.)

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