Mythos Tomes

Mythos Tomes
The Great Old Ones have been objects of study for millennia, and always have such studies been considered dangerous and led many to madness and debased worship. Much of this lore has been recorded in books, sinister tomes of grave portent, persecuted and accompanied by curses. Mythos tomes are spellbooks, but they also contain lore relevant to the Great Old Ones and their servitors.

Spellbook Rules
Mythos tomes are also spellbooks, but with an additional curse and research effect. This is a summary of the spellbook rules.

These books contain more truth than normal spellbooks. A spellcaster that has a certain spell in her spellbook can opt to prepare that spell from a mythos tome without the usual Spellcraft check to prepare spells from a burrowed spellbook. Spells must still be written in the caster’s own spellbook before they can be read from a mythos tome.

When a spellcaster who prepares spells uses a spellbook with a preparation ritual, as long as he prepares at least three spells (not including cantrips) from the spellbook, he gains a temporary boon granted by the ritual. The boon lasts until its effect is spent (as specified by the boon description) or the spellcaster prepares spells again (at which time it can be reapplied by preparing at least three spells from the book). A spellcaster can only use the effect of one preparation ritual when she prepares spells, no matter how many spellbooks with preparation ritual she uses to prepare spells. A spellbook can also focus energies when preparing spells from a source other than a spellbook.

Mythos tomes also carry a curse, which is generally vague and mainly intended as inspiration for the GM. The power of the curse increases as the reader unlocks higher level spells, having a power equal to the highest level spell from the book the reader knows that can be used for thematic spell effects of this spell level or as a penalty on relevant checks. It is often more interesting to explain the curse and allow the player to roleplay the effects, only applying the penalty rules if the player shows a lack of enthusiasm in acting out the curse.

The presence of a curse and the sinister nature of these books means that they are rarely traded in the normal fashion. Sometimes they can be found at negligible price in some back-alley bookstore, sometimes they are chained and bound by magic to a particular location, only allowing research on site. Likewise, mythos tomes cannot be sold. A patron might accept a tome as a gift in return for monetary support, and certain nefarious individuals might offer great sums for them, but ordinary shopkeepers or even magical academies will not be interested in these vile works. Thus no price is given, and the GM is free to add or remove spells from the books as desired for the story. It is also possible to add spells to the book later as the story requires, explaining it as new discoveries in the jumbled notes each book is full of. Player characters can also add spells to the book at normal cost, as long as the GM feels the spell fits the theme of the tome.

The vast majority of mythos tomes are written in Aklo. They may be available in translations, but this generally makes the truths expressed in the work even more vague and harder to understand, imparting a -5 penalty on all Knowledge, Linguistics, and Spellcraft checks made in relation to the book.

Mythos Tomes

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