Morcheox (The Rogue Moon)
The Flaming Moon, IT Alone
Worshippers: Apocalyptics, astronomers, lycanthropes
Minions: Fiendish void beast creatures, evil lycanthropes, wolves
Domains: fire, Night, Travel, Void
Lower Realms Dominated: The Rogue Moon, The Vacuum Wastes (2 layers)
Favored Weapon: Bola
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: Wolverine
Favored Instrument: Handpan

The appearance of Vaar’s Moon during The Calling was not the only celestial arrival in the physical/metaphysical universe of Porphyra… Grim demon-cultists have appeared to preach of another outer space body, not celestial, but abyssal! The elusive cultists, many of whom are mad end-of-the-worlders, but also augmented humans with lycanthropy and learned watchers of the sky, speak of Morcheox, The Flaming Moon, the One who is Alone, who will come and collide with Porphyra, and destroy all the struggling mortals who live there, ending their pain and witless activity. The possibility of a space-body strike is theoretically possible, say savants, but the possibility of that body being the dimensional/Material home of a demon lord brings up many new factors, none of them good. The most disturbed of Morcheox’s followers rave of Morcheox’s form more specifically than that of the Rogue Moon itself; they speak of a cold, dark, reflective surface, perhaps an obelisk-like object that contains Morcheox, or is Morcheox, maybe even a portal to a further dimension still where IT Alone dwells. It is known that those that trespasses IT’s realm are eventually drawn to a huge crater, to which they cannot resist to enter- but they never emerge.

Morcheox’s followers are singular, and rarely form cult cells of more than 3 or so. It is typical that, when they meet, they each stand in a corner and communicate in whisper, if they speak at all, preferring to do so by notes or magical means. In black masks around guttering fires, they meet at night and reveal what they have learned, and send fiendish werewolves against those who would predict galactic brotherhood and companionship. The most faithful and misanthropic of Morcheox’s cult may be rewarded with small monoliths placed in remote clearings, which speak with the voice of Morcheox of the coming cataclysm, the fire and vacuum and ending of all things social and good.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Chant before a miniature obsidian obelisk, mirroring Morcheox’s physical form, while wearing the black mask and robes of your order. If your supplications are well-received, a spark will glow from within the prayer-obelisk and your spells will be granted to you. This item can be used to make an ioun stone at the appropriate level, reducing the price by 100 gp/caster level.

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