Maliki's Faithful Dragonnel

Maliki’s Faithful Dragonnel
Conjuration [erkunae, force]
Level 5 (exotic)
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a tiny electrum whistle)
Range close (10 ft.)
Effect phantom dragonnel
Duration 1 hour/caster level or until discharged, then 1 round/caster level; see text
Saving Throw none
Spell Resistance no

You conjure up a phantom dragonnel that is invisible to everyone but yourself. It then guards the area where it was conjured. The dragonnel immediately starts roaring loudly if any Small or larger creature approaches within 30 feet of it. (Those within 30 feet of the dragonnel when it is conjured may move about in the area, but if they leave and return, they activate the roaring.)

The dragonel sees invisible and ethereal creatures. It does not react to illusions. If an intruder approaches to within 5 feet of the dragonnel, it stops roaring and delivers a vicious magic bite (+12 attack bonus, 2d6+3 points of piercing damage) once per round.

The dragonnel is considered ready to bite intruders, so it delivers its first bite on the intruder’s turn. The dragonnel cannot be attacked, but it can be dispelled.

The spell lasts for 1 hour per caster level, but once the dragonnel begins roaring, it lasts only 1 round per caster level. If you are ever more than 100 feet distant from the dragonnel, the spell ends.

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