Master of the Furnace, The Brass Tower, Smokey Jack
Worshipers: Antipaladins, efreeti, warlords
Domains: Charm, Fire, Pleasure, Porphyran
Favored Weapon: Falchion
Favored Animal: Bull
Favored Instrument: Harp

Elementals are indeed, immortal, but it is not always so that exist eternally- even genie lords can perish on their own plane, even if most of them do eventually reform. The Elemental Lords known of at the time of The Calling were not always so, especially genie lords, who could be recalled by their betters on the Elemental Planes. Mal’Eket, who had held the title of Firelord on Porphyra, was a rather recent addition, but in his century before the Deist incursion, the efreeti ambassador made a rather bold name for himself, with the construction of the Furnace Palace in the south of Wathis, and his penchant for mortal women in his harem. A great deal of the ifrit elemental-kin on Porphyra today owe their heritage to The Brass Tower…

Mal’Eket was able to control the populace, mostly through a well-schooled cadre of antipaladins known as the Order of Smoke, and kept the peace with the air-folk to the north, mostly through Djinnlord Qarryn’s indifferent politics. The Master of the Furnace was curried for favor and called on for his crack shock troops, irregular in the extreme but unstoppable in their fiery ire.

In the Battle of The Scorched Vines in western Vinterre, Mal’Eket personally lead his savage conscripts to the gates of the city itself, and the coal-seams still burn there today. What finally did stop him was the maiden Senmi El Sioban, founder of New Wathis. A member of his harem, she was freed from bondage by an angelic agent of Shankhil, and went on to lead a popular revolt against the besieged Firelord- it is said that she herself fired a bolt of lightning through Mal’Eket’s head, freeing her people. Male’Eket’s form did not return to the efreeti City of Brass, as he was in disgrace there, but to the Abyss itself, where it is said that he has allied himself with the antidemon qlippoth- a case of the enemy of my enemy being my friend… but that the Firelord would stoop so low speaks much of how far he has fallen.

On the Material Plane, Mal’Eket is most revered by the descendants of the Order of Smoke, an iconoclastic group of antipaladins that are known for their habit of summoning qlippoth to annihilate their opponents. Their red-enameled armor and horned helms strike fear into those who they oppress, mostly in the hinterlands west of the Calinsur, where they ride their red bulls against any intruders. The name of Mal’Eket can also cause some efreet to pause, as they remember him as a Lord of theirs, of old.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Chanting before a small flame before spitting on it to extinguish, then inhaling the smoke is a quick ritual of the Order of Smoke that has been observed. The Order has also been known to communicate via smoke signals, between their mountain holdfasts.

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