Magic Traditions

Magical Traditions
The most common forms of magic involve those traditions that revolve around the teaching of magic in groups of similar spells called magic schools or those that are taught spells with a liturgical focus called domains. Regardless of your particular magical tradition the types of spells that appear on your spell list are detailed in your character class. In this section, you will also find a listing of faiths and the mechanics associated with deific disapproval.

Spellcasting Modifiers
Each spellcasting class has a specific ability score that is used to determine the DC of their spells and effect the number of times per day that domain or magic school powers can be used.

Arcane Schools
The following descriptions detail each arcane school and its corresponding powers.

Elemental Schools
There are six recognized schools of elemental magic. Elemental magic is most often studied by zendiqi and other non-deists.

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