Lord Sathax

Lord Sathax (Grand Archdevil)
Lord of the Pit, Dark Father
Emperor of the Seven Circles
Worshippers: All devil-worshippers, lawful evil rulers and aristocrats
Minions: evil dragons, fire giants, pit devils
Domains: Knowledge, Mind, Nobility, Strength
Lower Realm Dominated: Sathax, the Seventh
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Weapon: Heavy flail
Favored Animal: Emperor cobra
Favored Instrument: Violin

Lord Sathax is a brilliant, manipulative, and ambitious para-deity, and the only things holding him back from being far more powerful and controlling of Porphyra and its Material Plane is his late arrival to the world. That and his demand for total obedience and discipline, which does not regularly combine with the lack of good morals that “The Snake in a Robe” (an epithet of the Geranites) possesses. Sathax is quite content with the idea of quality over quantity, and the surest way to displease him is to recruit weak and lesser beings. Though some frankly desperate religions attempt to paint Sathax as a rebel against some moral order, he is no such thing; Sathax is the coalescent personality of a past universe, the living remnant of a dead reality, boiled down to ruthless sentience and desire to dominate, control, snuff out all willfullness, in what Sathax believes will be an eternal cycle of dominance.

Sathax’s cult is fairly healthy on Porphyra, finding a niche above the revolutionaries of Rolterra, the militarism of Kamus, and the bureaucracy of Eshsalqua. Followers of Sathax are those who crave control over others, who need to own the hearts and souls of those around them, by the most efficient means possible. Many Sathaxians are petty lords, manor-holders, even shop-keepers that keep extensive records on everyone around them, all that they do or see, thus, they are all educated. Cult cells rarely stray outside family lines, with outsiders being tolerated only if they are slavishly subordinate. Temples to Sathax are always tall and straight; if worship of Sathax needs to be concealed it will simply go into the parlors and meeting-rooms owned by practitioners. Most cultists of Sathax will have spell or magic power of some kind.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Cultists draw the Seven Rings of Sathax upon the designated altar in the blood of a sacrifice of fitting stature. They chant memorized verses from the The Black Tome while making mystical passes with a knife or appropriate instrument. If the blood is that of a demon, the first spell cast that day adds +1 to the DC of its save.

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