Lord Of Many Forms

Lord Of Many Forms
The Lord of Many Forms
Cho’lo’qiqir’notha (Erkusaan-Protean), Duke Never-Twice
Worshippers: Cult of Putrescence, Erkusaa
Minions: Dopplegangers, oozes, wizards of the transmutation school
Domains: Liberation, Luck, Madness, Trickery
Lower Realm Dominated: Permanent resident of the Material Plane
Favored Weapon: Unarmed strike
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: Caterpillar
Favored Instrument: Erkusaan bagpipe

When the Opal Empire was fast rising as a power on Porphyra, the decadent erkunae were less decadent as they were greedy for power over beings with greater power than they. They had tentatively pierced the veil between the Material reality and the Realms Beyond, and had made very cursory contact with destructive beings called – Demons. Even the jaded erkunae of Thueirc 23rd’s court dared not fully open that door, but they did kidnap some roaming demonic beings with magical probes. In a truly perverse ceremony carried out by Thueirc himself, the captives were quickly amalgamated magically in an arcane crucible the size of a tower, combined with 13 lesser sons of Thueirc’s dukes and a protean outsider of each variety; naunet, keketar and imentesh. The result was a being of such unadulterated chaotic and malevolent power that it was imprisoned in the tower now called The Crucible Tower. After two millennia, the being is known as the Lord of Many Forms. It has always amused the sitters on the Opal Throne greatly to have a ‘pet’ demon lord, though there was much concern over the possibility of the Lord of Many Forms being released by angry demon lords during the NewGod Wars. Luckily, they couldn’t care less, though it is possible that Cho’lo’qiqir’notha has made some tenuous contact with those who worship demons.

The unique agents of the Lord of Many Forms, known as putrescent flows, are found in many strange locales, and do not behave as most oozes do. Their ability to bond with the demon-worshiping warrior-cultists of G’sho’laa’n’rr is a minor triumph for certain sectors of the erkunae court. The Crucible Tower is as normal a place as one could find in The Dreaming City, and its demon-ridden recesses are a casual walk from The Pillar of Feathers, a tower containing powerful azatas of birdlike demeanor. Those that worship the Lord of Many Forms there wear a rotating collection of freakish masks, and are known for their bizarre craftsmanship and penchant for inflicting transmutation magic upon others.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Enter the Crucible Tower by making the Sign of Many Forms and enter one of the Rooms of Twisted Screams, completing the twisting and screaming ritual with other observants. If you are away from the tower, twist and scream the best you can surrounded by the runic cards or an illusory image of the Tower.

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