Oni-lord, Shadowlander, Black Cloud
Worshipers: Oni, samsaran, tengu
Domains: Air, Death, Night, Vermin
Favored Weapon: Chakram
Favored Creature: Crow
Favored Instrument: Flute

The Shadowlands of the eastern arm of the Dry Peninsula have always held evil things that lurked in the dim places, in the soot-choked smog that rests there eternally. It is certain that the thing called Kurofu was there, always-and while perhaps not in the outsider form known as ‘oni’, as something dark, terrible, and sly. Kurofu has always disdained the human form, as have most elemental lords -except perhaps Mal’Eket in his smoldering lust- but Kurofu, the Black Cloud is particularly vehement in his anti-humanism, which was both a source of frustration and a point of manipulation in the cyclopean courts of the ancient Elemental Lords. The ‘mad piper’ of the Lords, and, surprisingly, the only one to draw his power from the dark of night, many of the bureaucrats of the other Lords feared the Shadowlander and his minions as more dangerous than any rebels. Bureaucrats are often correct in their fears, and so were these. But the other Lords of Air, Earth, Fire and Water envied Kurofu’s power in the darkness, and he was not greedy in his desires, being averse to rule- but not to domination.

Kurofu was a disappointment to the overall resistance to the Deist incursion, as the sudden influx of planar access simply created a greater palette for his murderous music. There are fairly strong rumors as well that Kurofu was highly influential in the circumstances that brought about the nascent slaughter-god, Rajuk Amon-Gore. Certainly his Rajuki Dancers have been known to dance to the black flutes of various adherents of the Oni-Lord, especially the Madbirds, ruinous cult of the tengu people. Thus Kurofu, though metaphysically contained in a planar veil in the Shadowlands, has more influence than most any of the defeated Lords. Kurofu is certainly happy to torture and slay deists where they may be found, but if none are handy, the machinations of the horrific oni race are just as applicable among simple fishermen or an elemental outpost that fails to make the proper obeisance to the terrifying Black Cloud.

The oni all serve Kurofu as a matter of course, and it is through them that his dark influence is spread throughout the world. Ironically for an Elemental Lord, his influence is rather strong, because of this. The Madbird cult of the Tengu pursue mad schemes of stealthy murder wherever they are found, and greatly tarnish the racial reputation. Psychotic cells of samsaran adherents to Kurofu are even worse, and are rooted out wherever they may be found. Samsaran antipaladins are a blasphemy too foul to be considered.

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