Empress of the Web, Loomqueen, The Dark Mother
Greater Demon Lord of Darkness and Vermin
Worshippers: Drow, half-drow, driders, sentient vermin, and those who dwell below.
Minions: All of the above
Domains: Animal, Magic, Night, Vermin
Lower Realm Dominated: The Darkest Den
Favored Weapon: Heavy flail
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: Giant spider
Favored Instrument: Recorder

Karzerothrine embodies the hungry motherhood of the deep – possessive, domineering, and prolific. She fills the darkness with spawn of every shape and size so they can spread the fear of her name through their teeming masses. Those that get her closer to divinity, she feeds, and those that fail to meet her demands, she eats. Even her favorite children, the drow, are not safe from her whims and appetites; if anything, they bleed more because of her careful scrutiny. After all, as she reminds her clerics, there will always be more. She also appears as a magnificent female drider with glowing red eyes. Sometimes she seems swollen with child, but no one has ever seen her give birth and lived to tell about it. She’s been known to spawn horrors in the spider sacs scattered throughout her den, however - and to feed visitors to them. The Empress of the Web has no gift for maintaining alliances or tolerating other demon lords, and hasn’t even tried. Her realm in the Abyss is the Darkest Den, which serves as a maze, a breeding ground, and an abattoir for any invaders.

Karzerothrine spoils her priestesses with gifts in public and looks the other way as they steal from each other in private. Her clerics then establish a pecking order by cowing each other into submission. The most privileged servants are ritually transformed into driders, and regardless of their station, her demands of all her clergy remain extreme. After surviving ordination, priestesses serve for life and are threatened with being eaten alive on a fairly regular basis. Those who displease their superiors and live have one of their limbs or organs devoured, never to be healed or replaced.
Males have far less value to the Loomqueen so they rarely serve Karzerothrine directly and willingly. The few males who earn the Dark Mother’s blessings are usually her most vicious and ardent followers, putting her priestesses to shame to make up for the shortcoming of their sex. Male driders are nothing short of legendary - but they have existed. They’ve certainly been more frequent than commoners in the clergy. Strong standing in one of the noble houses is absolutely necessary to draw Karzerothrine’s approval.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Lay worshipers take a cue from the clerics and make sure their prayers are public and showy. An altar or designated space outlined by a ritual spider-web cloth is required, and it must be as dark as possible while the adherent shouts and wails for attention from the Loomqueen. Temples close randomly for private rituals but shrines can be found throughout karza settlements, so offerings of blood, placentas, and riches are left for all to see. Drow of all castes call upon their patron before invasions, during childbirth, and after one of their own has died. Holidays vary by city but are often loud and ostentatious affairs, as are many sermons and rituals. Their death rites alone are solemn.

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