Old Mother Owl, The Blinding Wind, Seasinger
Goddess of Birds, the Sea, and Winter
Worshippers: Druids, fishermen, hunters
Domains: Air, Animal, Water, Weather
Favored Weapon: Pilum
Favored Animals: Gyrfalcon, snowy owl, whale
Favored Instrument: Fiddle

Ihtreia is a goddess with three aspects, appearing as a young virtuoso, an aged matriarch, and a seasoned warrior. Her timelessness and her connection to the land suggest an elementality that predates time and the advent of man, or worshippers. After The Calling, she just was. Her first form, the Seasinger, is served by whales, seals, and other aquatic mammals who teach her followers to be aware of their surroundings and learn how to harvest the crops of the sea, fish. The second, Mother Owl, appears to offer warnings and prophecies, to instruct in the secret magic of storm and sea, and togather news from all the birds of the world. Finally, she is known as the Queen of the Blinding Wind when she conjures storms to test her followers, punish foolishness, or occasionally aid mortals. The howls of the wintry gales are the horns of her vengeful knights, the Gyrfalcons; the snow that shields them is as down from her feathered cloak.

The faith of Ithreia teachers that change is an illusion. The seeming chaos of nature is really an intricate web of predictable patterns that the wisest can read. She may test her chosen with blizzards, but the blinding whiteness is only a comforting blanket for those clever enough to prepare for its inevitable arrival. Servants of Ithreia include clerics, druids, rangers, and those that inhabit the Northlands. Classed worshippers fall into three orders, each dedicated to one of the goddess’s aspects. First, the Order of the Singing Whale are ranger guides, community leaders, and others devoted to the Seasinger. The Order of the Snowy Owl serves Mother Owl as a spy network that uses animals, druids, and rangers to see whether mortals have abided by Ithreia’s will or have gone astray. They inform and advise the faithful and serve as scouts for worthy leaders. The Order of the Gyrfalcon is dedicated to the Queen of the Blinding Wind and is composed of paladins and mounted warriors who serve as agents of her tests as well as her displeasure. They monitor proper use of birds Ithreia. Her temples and monasteries are built of native rock painted white.

Spell Preparation Ritual
All the faithful learn the tenets of Ithreia in the form of a sacred set of songs called the Wintry Hymns, also a holy text, and the orders of her clerics, druids, rangers and oracles use this book to pass along knowledge of the birds, beasts, storms, and other divine secrets. A song from this text at twilight helps prepare clerics for the tests ahead of them, and to renew spells; in storms, the Hymns are sung as loud as possible, to lead lost faithful to the sound of the voices of dedicated Ithreians.

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