Icicle Wand

Icicle Wand (DC 20)
Faint conjuration [cold]; CL 5th
Slot none; Weight 1 lb.; Price 12,250 gp
This fragile-looking wand appears to be nothing more than a sharpened icicle nearly a foot in length, though it is as sturdy as any wand and the ice never melts. A combination of arcane tool and weapon, icicle wands find frequent use among the winter witches. An icicle
wand functions primarily as a wand of ice spears. In addition, an icicle wand can also be wielded as a masterwork dagger that deals 1 point of cold damage with a successful attack in addition to normal dagger damage. An icicle wand with a caster level of 7th or higher functions as a +1 frost dagger instead.
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wand; 3rd level cold spell, 1st level cold spell; Cost 6,125 gp, 1,250 craft

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