Ice Tyrant

Ice Tyrant


The Glacier King, Jarl of Jarls, Old Frosty
Worshipers: Frost giants, northern barbarians, ith’n ya’roo
Domains: Fear, Strength, War, Water
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Favored Animal: Polar bear
Favored Instrument: Bagpipe

A nameless, primal entity, The Ice Tyrant purportedly existed on Porphyra before there was life on the world, occupying itself with pointless destruction of natural formations of ice and stone, and roaming the polar wastes.

Some cabals of mystics claim that the blood of this truly ‘elemental’ being (who has disdained the mortal fashion of taking a name) did, in the course of being spilled in some furious mishap, was the genesis of life on the planet. In any case, blood and fury are the purview of The Ice Tyrant, and when life did come to be, the huge water Elemental Lord took his place in dominating it, barely mindful of his fellows. The Jarl of Jarls did contribute one significant factor to the alliance, as he was the motive force behind the creation of the Giant races. His closest ally, in fact was the improbable Magma Exarch Drothos, and they worked titanic hand in hand to bring these neo-titans into being. The volcanic embassy of The Maw, juxtaposed to the Tyrant’s palace in The Slab, was a nigh-unconquerable nexus of Elemental power.

Sheer division of forces brought about The Ice Tyrant’s defeat; his navies of ice giants assaulting naval targets, his ally Drothos lured to his doom at Purple Mountain, and besieged by red dragons from the south, the primordial rager retreated to the cold, cold field of the utter pole, leaving a rearguard of his antipaladin bodyguards riding fiendish polar bears. He retreated alone, as he had spent milennia alone at the dawn of time, and he waits, so say the prophets, sealed in ice at the apex of the world, for the call to rave and destroy at the head of bloodthirsty armies.

A fairly strong cult to the Ice Tyrant still exists in the Northlands, though heavily suppressed by the Red King’s empire. There are just too much territory and too many places to hole up to expunge it fully. He is still the lord of the ice and frost giants at The Slab, and they reave in his name to the west and south. Barbarians led by polar bear riding antipaladins still relish catching a patrol of the Red King, and clashes between them are common. It is rumored that enemies of the Red King supply cultists of the Jarl of Jarls with weapons and goods to weaken that other tyrant, a practice definitely not sanctioned in the quiet, chant-haunted halls of the Codion, or chapels of the other Twenty-Seven.

Spell Preparation Ritual
The ritual of drawing runes in the snow or on ice with one’s blood has been retained almost in its entirety from the old days; even the southern-ranging sea reavers offer blood libations to the waters whenever the mood is upon them. The feeding of a captured enemy to a handy polar bear is also held to be a very good omen.

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