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This is a location for cross-referencing when things have been renamed.

Table: Caster Check DCs
Situation Caster Check DC
Cast defensively 15 + double spell level
Dealt damage 10 + damage + spell level
Restrained Escape CMD + spell level
Unfavorable condition 10/15/20 + spell level

Containers: 600 coins per cubic feet.

  • Backpack: 1,200 coins
  • Basket: 1,200 coins
  • Beltpouch: 100 to 200 coins
  • Chest, Small: 1,200 coins
  • Chest, Medium: 2,400 coins
  • Chest, Large: 3,600 coins
  • Chest, Huge: 4,800 coins
  • Sack: 2,400 coins

Original Current
Arcane Blast Eldritch Blast
Arcane Shield Eldritch Shield
Bless Rally
Blindness/Deafness Steal Sense
Chockhold Bushwhack
Crushing Hand Ragar's Crushing Hand
Detect good, evil, chaos, lawful Detect Creature
Dimensional Assault Dimensional Agility
Improved Blind-Fight Blind-Fight
Interposing Hand Ragar's Interposing Hand
Geas/Quest Geas
Mage's Disjunction Maliki's Disjunction
Miracle Wish
Pinning Rend Pinning Knockout

Original Current
Chaotic Outsiders The Disorder - (Ogdoad, Proteans, Qlippoth)
Evil outsiders The Horde - (Bosch Fiends, Daemon, Demodand, Demons, Devils, Div)
Good outsiders The Host - (Agathion, Angles, Archons, Azata)
Lawful Outsiders The Order - (Asuras, Inevitables, Kyton)
Neutral Outsiders The Distant - (Aeons, Djab, Psychopomps)
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