Heroic Classes

One of the most significant ways a player character is defined is by their choice of heroic class. Each heroic class offers a number of class abilities including proficiency in weapons and armor. These feature make up the bulk of what a character can do.

Classes Abilities
Each class always has the following features:

  • Hit Dice: This gives you the number of hit points that are rolled after 1st level. At first level you get hit points equal to the highest roll on your dice + your Constitution modifier.
  • Starting Gold: This is how much money your character starts with to purchase their initial equipment.
  • Class Skills: These are the skills that every character of your heroic class is trained in. If you put skill ranks in any of these skills you get a +3 class bonus on your skill check.
  • Skill Ranks at Each Level: This indicates how many skill ranks you can place in skills at each level. The total number of skill ranks in any skill can never exceed your level.
  • Class Table: The class table organizes all the benefits of the class and what is gained at each level. This includes things like your base attack bonus, base saving throws, class abilities, and spell casting.
  • Class Abilites: Class abilities are the major benefits and powers that each class offers. Most classes offer one or more unique featurs that no other classes offer. If multiple classes could all do the same things why would we need to adventure with allies. Most class abilities are defined as extraordinary (Ex), spell-like (Sp), or supernatural (Su). If a class ability does not have an classification it is considered to be untyped.

Class Ability Descriptors
Some class abilities include descriptors such as fear, death, mind, or poison; though many others exist. These are specialized terms that are used to characterize the nature of the ability and how it interacts with saving throws, resistances, immunities, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses.

For instance if a class ability was listed as (Sp, mind) and a creature was vulnerable to the mind descriptor, the creature would take a -4 penalty on saves against this class ability, while a creature immune to the mind descriptor would be immune to this class ability.

Class Ability Saving Throws
Unless otherwise noted in the description, all saving throws for abilities are based upon the following format: (DC 10 + 1/2 the class's level + Ability score modifier). The ability score modifier will be listed as a descriptor in the class abilities like this (Ex, Int) to indicate Intelligence modifier.

Spell Descriptor Conflicts
Since all spellcasters now have their spell lists are dependent on descriptors it is possible to occassionnally have a spell that should and shouldn't be on your spell list at the same time. If a spell possesses one of your descriptors and does not possess a descriptor that you never have access it, then the spell should be on your spell list.

For example, arcane archers may access spells with the acid, cold, fire, electricity, or sonic descriptors but never the healing, negative energy, or positive energy descriptors. So if they find a spell with the fire and mind descriptors, this would be on their list because they possess fire but make no mention of mind, but a spell with fire and healing would not be on their list.

Iterative Attacks
As characters increase in level the number of physical attacks they can make in a round also increases. As summarized below

  • At BAB +6, one additional attack at -5
  • At BAB +11, another additional attack at -10
  • At BAB +16, another additional attack at -15

These additional attacks may only be made when the character make a full attack (p. XX).

Starting Equipment
Buying equipment can help you personalize your character, but it also can be a time consuming process. To make things easier for those that want to get into the action quicker, at the end of each class there are a couple of starter kits of adventuring gear that can be taken for quick play. Instead of using your starting gold just copy down the items in the starting equipment packs and head off for your adventure.

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