Hastur (The King in Yellow)
Great Old One of ennui, decadence, immortality, and lost hope.
Worshipers: Actors, astronomers, patriarchs, poets
Domains: Charm, Madness, Rune, Trickery
Energy Channeled: Negative
Favored Weapon: Rapier
Favored Instrument: Trumpet
Favored Creature: Byakhee

Hastur is a mysterious entity associated with the strangely pulsing star Aldebaran, that only appeared in the night sky after the Calling, but is mentioned in ancient hymns from before the time of the Elemental Lords. The King in Yellow forever challenges folk to test their convictions, and is only satisfied when those convictions fail, inducing ennui and eventual self-destruction, either from a lack of necessary action or active suicide. Its power is strongest when Aldebaran is in the night sky, but it also manifests through the theatrical piece called the King in Yellow (sometimes possessing an actor) and in the Yellow Sign, a glyph that encourages observers to deep thoughts and meditations, all ultimately fruitless. As Hastur it is the giver of immortality, a timeless existence of never-ending drudgery and subjugation. Both aspects corrupt mortals, either to neglect life entirely, or to focus on maintaining their lives as constantly laboring empty shells.

Hastur is itself a legend, and makes itself know through tales and legends. Watching the night sky or catching even a glimpse of the Yellow Sign can turn sensitive creatures into devotees of Hastur, often after years of soul-searching meditation. Its cultists are charismatic and attract followers, which they enlist in spreading the King in Yellow’s influence. The cult can grow like wildfire, but those affected by the cults influence often die or disappear when they reach critical mass; this deadliness is one of the reasons Hastur has not conquered Porphyra. Cults that survive instead decay into ennui and inaction, becoming living relics of themselves.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Perform the King in Yellow theatrical play, preferably with an audience. If this play is not available, or if you lack the energy to perform, do an hour of drudge work. Gain a +3 bonus on Deception or Perform checks for the rest of the day.

Alternate Codes of Conduct
When a cleric selects two domains from their associated faiths they take on the responsibility of meeting certain codes of conduct, lest they earn the disapproval of their deity and lose access to their class abilities (see Cleric and Disapproval).

A cleric of Hastur may substitute one or both of the associated codes of conduct for the ones listed in their domains.

  • You must produce and perform some work of drama from a monologue to a simple scene.
  • You must work actively to suppress rationalism and encourage another to act solely on their emotional impulses.
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