Grunzol Firestorm

Lord Grunzol Firestorm
Emir of the West, Child of the Sun, Old Sparky
Worshipers: Giants, lizardfolk, nomads
Domains: Elementalism, Fire, Renewal, Sun
Favored Weapon: Armor Spikes
Favored Animal: Horned lizard
Favored Instrument: None

The western continent of Porphyra always held a colonial standing among the Elemental Lords, and the demi-lord Grunzol found himself with possibly the least influence in their council, and the most territory to control. Rising to preeminence for negotiating the ancient alliance with the Opal Throne of the erkunae, Grunzol Firestorm then was granted the leave to found the Al’Mahk Empire. Grunzol’s precepts were for “Sun and Life, Loyalty and Gratitude”- the subtext meaning that he could make the sun’s life giving power turn to death (he fancied himself an incarnation of the sun itself, whether true or not) and that slavish loyalty would ensure that the tyrannized felt gratitude for their servitude.

Grunzol was also a master of delegation, and directed his khans to oversee mortal underlings to take care of the day-to-day. Thus arose the Lizard Kings, the Wyrmlords, and the Warlords of Brom- the Giant Kings- to pay homage and fealty to the ‘Emir of the West’. This intricate construction of threat, fear, reward and promotion served the Elemental Lords well, managing their erkunae allies, elven malcontents, and giantish thralls. But power given is power abused, and it is probable that competition between Grunzol’s servants allowed controlling elements to be neglected in the lands of the elves and the orcs, and gave them the freedom to engineer The Calling itself… The West was consumed by rival factions, both within the Elementalists, raiding erkunae, rebel giantsand the forces of the Deists themselves. Ironically, it was a Lizard King convert to Chiuta that challenged Grunzol to sole combat- and this time, the Child of the Sun had no champion in his stead. To break the Al’Mahk spirit, M’razzak bound Grunzol within the Heartshard of Emelt, denying even existence off-plane from which to plot revenge, and a monument to Elementalist defeat.

Grunzol’s adherents are few, but those few are devoted in the extreme, being as their Lord exists within a massive, coruscating monolith of crystal in the salty wastes of the Fourlands. This is a harsh and sacred place for some ochre-and sulfur painted nomads, and the odd giant on pilgrimage from the south. No significant cults exist elsewhere, as orcs, elves and Deists in general expunge them at the slightest hint of their faith.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Application of pigments of red and yellow as the sun is greeted is reported to be the modern ritual, the ancient, complicated recitals and observance lost in the utter destruction of the Al’Mahk Empire. Rediscovery of those rituals could bring profitable access to various ruins and magic items in the devastated southeast.

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