Fallen-Oak, Treant-King, Viceroy of the Great Green
Worshipers Renegade elves, kech, treants
Domains Glory, Protection, Rune, Wood
Energy Channeled Positive
Favored Weapon Earthbreaker
Favored Anima Woodpecker
Favored Instrument Wooden drum

As the most prominent of plant-based life forms on Porphyra, the race of treants always had a strong connection to the Wood Elemental Plane of Arboria. Various wood elemental elder analogs filled the role of ambassador and Lord, unrecorded by specific name in the annals of Zendik Order history. When the elven region of The Great Green came under Zendik Order and Elementalist influence, a powerful, self-willed, individual Treant-King of considerable wood-elemental ancestry was established as viceroy of the Great Green and the elven race in general, and titled the Greenlord. Entirely a creature of the Zendik Order, the Greenlord surrounded itself on the Oaken Throne with sycophants, kech spies and assassins, and ruled the Great Green through fear and favoritism. Any resistance that could not be squashed was minimized or covered up in reports to the Zendik Order, and the sheiks and sages who believed the elves were completely pacified were badly misinformed when the Ash Wars began, supported by the Cormazog Alliance with the Orcs. The great kin-hero Cormath Qul challenged the suddenly isolated Greenlord and a great battle ensued, whereupon Shalizur, a spear of living flame, dueled with The Heartwood Staff- pulled from the chest of the Treant-King itself. Both icons perished in the conflagration that created the Cormath’s Keep, an area of ash in the Heartwood, and the reign of the Zendiks and the Greenlord was over.

Those who supported the Greenlord, and their descendants, still pay homage to the banished spirit of the Treant-King, and that haunted and bitter race still moan its praises in the dark forest. The quarrelsome race of the kech miss their alliance with the Greenlord greatly, and never miss a chance to bedevil Deist elves and the odd orc they encounter. Their folk hiss of “Fallen-Oak” and how its vengeance is forthcoming against those who would clear the forest. Colothorian renegades from the shadow of the World Tree have intermingled with outcast collaborationist elves- for the conflict is only two or three generations distant to that long-lived race- and seek to fan the embers of power left over from the Greenlord’s once vast energies. Carrying the symbol of the Heartstaff marks those who wear it as dangerous traditionalists, but the undeniable power of Arboria, Plane of Wood makes a strong call to the sylvan hearts of the elves, and chanting the songs of treants under the full moon has become more and more of a darkly attractive ritual.

Spell Preparation Ritual
The Greenlord’s catechism consists of moaning allegiance to the Treant –King and the Zendik Order, and shaking like a tree in the wind. Those kech that follow Fallen-Oak render a rather alarming display of hissing and pulling at their leafy body-scales. It is imperative that a full ritual be performed under the full moon, even if one cannot see the celestial body from where they are. Like most Wood deities, the Greenlord’s adherents dislike undead and lay their dead at the foot of large living trees.

Holy Symbol A wooden staff with a jeweled pommel
Avatar embodiment of the holy symbol, a grim-faced, scorched treant with golden bark, bearing a sap-weeping wound in its chest.

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