Gomm Thog

Lord Smash-Break, GAAAAAHH!
Demon-Lord of Goblinkind
Worshippers: Bugbears, cave giants, goblins, orcs, trolls
Minions: Bugbears, cave giants, goblins, goblin dogs, ogrillons, orcs
Domains: Destruction, Strength, Pleasure, Porphyran
Lower Realms Dominated: The Smashed Caves/Hills/Mountains (3 planes)
Favored Weapon: Greatclub
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: Bear, boar
Favored Instrument: Hollow log and club

Though there are examples of powerful demons that achieve Abyssal success through manipulation and subtlety, it is far more common that destruction and mayhem are the ways to win in that underworld. Gomm-Thog pictured as a vague, greenish, humanoid mass holding a club, always with pointed ears and visible fangs, teeth or tusks, is the chief example of that, ravening violence made supernatural flesh. Gomm-Thog raised crushing things to a pure art, admired in some circles, and is likely the only demon lord in existence to bypass the phase of balor demon, eschewing their high intelligence. This purity of senseless violence has drawn the worship of rough humanoid races that were left behind by more cerebral deities, caught up in the political games of the NewGod Wars and subsequent supernatural jockeying for position. He and his followers especially hate Porphyran gods for their widescale abandonment of the goblinoid people after The Calling. The followers of Gomm-Thog will crush their skulls, eat their brains, and then what good will their intelligence be? Delicious, that’s how good…

Humanoid races turned to the worship of Gomm-Thog in despair, after finding little succor from the New Gods for whom they sacrificed so much. His first clerics were those goblinoids made virtually senseless by head injuries, who started spouting praises to Smash-Break (a translation of Gomm-Thog’s name) and shouting GAAAAAH! at random moments. Their spells were real enough, and desperate goblinoids threw their lot in with the crude demon-lord. Though trolls and other large beings might worship Gomm-Thog, that guarantees no cooperation between race, unless their leaders are powerful and merciless. Cave giants are considered to be the favored children of Gomm-Thog, and revered by his worshipers. Not every tribe of goblinoid reveres Gomm-Thog, seen as primitive and destructive, but tantalizing nonetheless, to just let go of all intellectual demands and SMASH BREAK!

Spell Preparation Ritual
Clans obsessed with Gomm-Thog follow their shaman-cleric in a wild, gibberish-filled dance and chant accompanied by regular thunkings of a blunt object to the head. If a hollow-log instrument is nearby, this can occupy the entire camp. Solitary Gomm-Thoggers do the same ritual alone, often carrying a hollow wooden instrument to bang on with a stick.

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