Ghoul Portrait

When folk disappear in the Boroughs of Dunmark, it is a custom to procure or create a good-sized portrait of them (2 feet in height or more) and hang it in the house of their near relatives; the uglier and more repulsive the better. This serves as a protection, so it is said, against the depredations of said erstwhile unfortunate if they have been killed by and turned into a ghoul! A ghoul that sees one of these particular portraits of itself in life must make a DC 15 Will save or flee in confusion for the duration of that day; other ghouls that are from the area and may recognize the fellow-ghoul need only make a DC 10 Will save. The lesser save is appropriate for such intelligent undead as allips, huecuva, juju zombies or wights. After the undead subject has fled once, the portrait will have no further effect on the being.
Cost 100 gp (commissioned); Weight 8 lbs.

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