Ghastly Revelation

Ghastly Revelation
Divination [mind, mythos]
Level 3 (exotic)
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components S, M (thimble of wine)
Range personal
Duration 10 minutes per level or until discharged

A lesser, easier form of true seeing, this silently cast spell enchants a foully enchanted wine to give the gift of horrible sight. The caster gains all of the benefits of the true seeing spell except for the ability to see in darkness, and actually removes darkvision and low-light vision from the caster, if they possess it. As well, the spell ends when the first condition listed under true seeing is encountered, though the caster can still see the object or creature under the condition for the round following the spell’s discharge. Finally, when the spell is discharged, the object or creature appears to the caster to be horrific in appearance, like a deformed creature, gore-covered door, or the like; the caster is shaken for the round following the spell’s discharge, though they realize that the ghastly revelation is an illusion.

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