The True Arbitress, Lady Justice
Goddess of Justice, Valor and Chivalry
Worshippers: Knights, rulers, honest citizens
Domains: Deism, Earth, Glory, Nobility
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Favored Animal: Heavy Warhorse
Favored Instrument: Harp

The stories of Gerana’s origin are simple; she has always been. The Geranites believe that she is the divine embodiment of Justice, and that if it exists, she exists. That she has come to Porphyra is the natural order of things. Her clerics believe that She is the Arbiter of the Gods themselves, a point borne out by the fact that the Divine Record (Gerana’s holy book) lists many of the nascent gods of Porphyra as coming into being at such and-such a time, in so-and so circumstances. The Record also states that in primitive societies, Gerana was credited with teaching the working of metal in useful and martial shapes, another sign that the Lady Justice is an elemental, as well as civil entity. The multiple dimensions of the universe hold no surprise for Gerana, and it is said that every plane (even those in the Abyss) has a consulate of hers—a testament to her power.

Gerana’s places of worship are always solid buildings that serve many practical purposes besides worship; a redoubt in case of attack, an armory containing serviceable weapons, a courthouse for mundane as well as ecclesiastical conflicts, a temporary jail, and a repository of records of the deeds of men. As such, her temples and churches, present in nearly every land, are busy places. The local governments and even other lawful gods would do well to keep their books in order and their constabularies well trained, or the Geranites will quickly and efficiently fill the vacuum. In the larger centers, there is often a jousting tilt and a melee yard for tournaments or trials by combat—the Goddess of Chivalry emphasizes knighthood both in ability and in name. Gerana’s clerics do not exactly proselytize, but count on the fact that their usefulness, honesty and nobility will attract the commoners and nobles to do the right thing and attend their services, as well as tithe and help expand the church into new territories. Gerana and The Divine Record hold a special place in the religious life of virtually all observant Porphyrans of all alignments and persuasions, as the Record contains information about most of the gods Called to the world. Geranites are all too happy to arbitrate and advise those of any other faith; that they would not use the opportunity to enforce the ways of law and goodness upon those asking for advice is not guaranteed.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Those loyal to Gerana select a preferred time of day to pray for and prepare their spells when they take their vows, and must adhere to that time strictly, from then on. During peaceful times, the various churches and temples sponsor festivals on the first day of the year, which they call “Gerana’s Dawn.” The festival’s intent is to lift the spirits of the people, celebrate another year lived, and for all to reflect on “the good of it.” These festivals involve food, drink, and contests of skill and wit.

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