Fowl Lord

Fowl Lord
Fowl lords rule a wide variety of grazing birds, including ravens, poultry, and swans. A fowl lord is a proud creature with a pronounced neck, pale skin, and a large mop of hair, often of an unusual color.
Animal Shapes: Diminutive thrush; Tiny raven; Small trumpeter swan; Medium giant raven.
Senses: Low-light vision.
Natural Attacks: Diminutive bite (1d3); Tiny bite (1d4); Small bite (1d4), 2 wings (1d3); Medium bite (1d6), 2 wings (1d4); Large bite (1d8), 2 wings (1d6); Huge bite (1d12), 2 wings (1d8).
Skill Bonuses: +4 Perception.
Animal Special Attacks: Eye Peck (Ex) When you score a critical hit with a bite attack, the target loses eyesight in one eye. The target suffers a –2 penalty on Perception checks and all creatures have concealment from him. If the creature only has one functional eye prior to the eye peck, he is blinded instead. This lasts until the creature is restored to full hit points or return sense is applied.
Animal Speed: fly 40 ft. (poor).
Animal Special Qualities: Crow (Ex) At the start of a surprise round, when you are not surprised, you can let out a loud screech that makes allies within 30 ft. not be surprised. This round remains a surprise round even if all creatures in the combat can act.

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