Fear (Su or Sp; fear; Cha) Fear attacks can have various effects.

Fear Aura (Su; fear; Cha) The use of this ability is a free action. The aura can freeze an opponent (as in the case of a mummy’s despair) or function like the fear spell. Other effects are possible. A fear aura is an area effect. The descriptive text gives the size and kind of the area.

Fear Cone (Sp; fear; Cha) and Ray (Su fear; Cha) These effects usually work like the fear spell.

Fearsome Roar (Ex; fear, sonic; Cha) As a swift action, this creature can give voice to a fearsome roar. All creatures within a listed range. must make a Will save or suffer the listed fear affect.Those that make their save are immune to this roar for 24 hours.

If a fear effect allows a saving throw, it is a Will save.

Format: fear aura (XX ft., W-DC XX); Location: Aura.
Format: fear cone (XX ft., DC XX); Location: Special Attacks.
Format: fearsome roar (XX ft.; W-DC XX; frightened 1d6 rounds); Location: Special Attacks

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