All faiths are personified by at least four clerical domains. Some possess more than four and sometimes new aspects of a faith are added over time.

The inhabitants of Porphyra worship a vast variety of otherworldly powers. Below is a table of some of these other worldly forces.


Name Worshippers Domains Weapon Energy
Duchess Hadriel Unmarried female aristocrats, social climbers, bureaucrats Charm, Knowledge, Retribution, Trickery Sickle Negative
Duke Ibolis Hermits, misanthropes, schizophrenics Fear, Night, Time, Void any (selected at 1st level) Negative
Duke Mastema Gladiators, mercenaries, privateers Death, Destruction, Strength, War Trident and net Negative
Duke Melektus Architects, doctors, courtiers and sadists, necromancers Healing, Disease, Dream, Undead Lance Either
Lord Sathax All devil-worshippers, lawful evil rulers and aristocrats Knowledge, Mind, Nobility, Strength Heavy flail Negative
Prince Kram-Hotep Bankers, builders, slavers Artifice, Cold, Glory, Rune Whip Negative
The Chained Queen Police, jailers, bounty hunters Community, Dream, Chivalry, Retribution Garrote Negative

Demon Lords

Name Worshippers Domains Weapon Energy
Ayporos Addicts, administrators, embezzlers, smugglers Disease, Knowledge, Plant, Repose Spear Negative
Balakor Living ghouls, necromancers, refugees of Bhaal-aak Death, Destruction, Earth, Undead Light hammer Negative
Buer The dying, the maimed, poachers Animal, Healing,Renewal, Wood Starknife Negative
The Dark Mistress Evening Shade assassins, fetchlings, skulks, residents of Shadowlight Charm, Earth, Glory, Night Any light slashing weapon Negative
Gomm-Thog Bugbears, cave giants, goblins, orcs, trolls Destruction, Strength, Pleasure, Porphyran Greatclub Negative
Karzerothine Drow, half-drow, driders, sentient vermin, and those who dwell below. Animal, Magic, Night, Vermin Heavy flail Negative
Lord of Many Forms Dopplegangers, oozes, wizards of the transmutation school Liberation, Luck, Madness, Trickery Unarmed strike Negative
Morcheox Apocalyptics, astronomers, lycanthropes fire, Night, Travel, Void Bola Negative
Naehemoth Berserkers, madmen, seekers of forbidden lore Elementalist, Madness, Night, Vermin Machete Negative
Pasiphae Evil wizards and bards, cheaters and philanderers, trapbuilders, dwarves Artifice, Charm, magic, Pleasure Dwarven double waraxe Negative
Pazuzu Antipaladins, harpies, tengus Air, Animal, fear, Trickery Longbow Negative
Tajam’muhur Slum dwellers, tribal humanoids, vandals Community, Destruction, Liberation, Sun Whip Negative
Thurin’Waethil Berbalangs, chupacabras, giant bats, vrolikai, vargouilles Metal, Protection, Retribution, War Longsword Negative
Yog Muan Anti-theists, murderers, species supremacists Death, Destruction, NewGod, Scalykind Any Negative
Zaqqit Antipaladins, fallen nobility, forlarren, giants, turncoats Deism, Liberation, Nobility, Retribution Greatsword Negative

Dragon Thanes

Name Worshippers Domains Weapon Energy
Dervayî Alien races, femanx Knowledge, Domain, Scalykind, Void Rapier Either
Douhaja Zmieja Merfolk, skum, undines Destruction, Scalykind, Strength, Water Harpoon Negative
Id Shidiin City dwellers Artifice, Luck, Madness, Scalykind Dagger Either
Mangkon Chosen ones, selected followers Community, Healing, Rune, Scalykind Tonfa Positive
The Nameless Hunger Kobolds, lizardfolk, and serpentfolk Air, Night, Porphyran, Scalykind Battleaxe Negative
Olha Pasom Elves and half-elves Mind, NewGod, Scalykind, War Elven Curveblade Positive
The Porphyrite Wyrm Magi dragons, spellcasters magic, Porphyran, Scalykind, Trickery Spear Negative
Umhlab Barbarian tribes Death, Destruction, Scalykind, Strength Greatclub Either

Elemental Lords

Name Worshippers Domain Weapon Energy
Apieca Merista Cultists, eco-terrorists Disease, Healing, Repose, Wood Lance Either
Ashamar Shining Glassblowers, gemcutters Artifice, Fire, Protection, Rune Blowgun Either
Banyan Vines Criminal networks, merchants Community, Death, Time, Wood Whip Negative
Bireti Stiel Engineers, miners, smiths Artifice, Community, Magic, Metal Warhammer Positive
Djinnlord Qarryn Gnolls, slavers, sphinx Air, Animal, Elementalist, Mind Staff Either
Drothos Fire giants, pyromaniacs Earth, Fate, Magic, Porphyran Flambard Negative
Enor Ashlord Ash giants, druids, zendiqi Disease, Earth, Elementalist, Plant Sickle Either
Firelord Mal’eket Antipaladins, efreeti, warlords Charm, Fire, Pleasure, Porphyran Falchion Negative
Greenlord Renegade elves, kech Glory, Protection, Rune, Wood Earthbreaker Positive
Ice Tyrant Frost giants, ith’n ya’roo Fear, Strength, War, Water Warhammer Negative
Kurofu the Shadow Oni, samsaran, tengu Air, Death, Night, Vermin Chakram Negative
Lord Grunzol Firestorm Giants, lizardfolk, nomads Elementalist, Fire, Renewal, Sun Spiked armor Negative
Najim Derro, sentient oozes Artifice, Earth, Knowledge, Void Aklys Either
Poison Wave Aquatic humanoids, explorers, pirates Retribution, Travel, Water, Weather Harpoon Negative
Rabisada Redhand Mad prophets, hermits, scavengers Destruction, Elementalist, Madness, Metal Garotte Either
S’sluun, the Naga Empress Naga, royalty, serpentfolk Dream, Nobility, Scalykind, Water Sawtooth sabre Either
Sadiya Shifra Duelists, dancers, high society Art, Chivalry, Metal, War Two-bladed sword Negative
Wind of Jewels Desert dwellers, nomads, treasure hunters Air, Healing, Luck, Repose Shuriken Either

Protean Lords

Name Worshippers Domains Weapon Energy
Amaelianesses Farmers, healers, artisans Healing, Glory, Protection, Sun Longspear Positive
A’sevelix Dragons, executioners, iconoclasts Death, Destruction, Scalykind, War Scythe Negative
Jassisifrax Writers, missionaries, orators Art, Charm, Knowledge, Sun Bladed scarf Either
Kekissendri Anarchists, assassin guilds, rebels Community, Liberation, Metal, War Scimitar Either
Ressiheksis Ascetics, scholars, seers Fate, Knowledge, Rune, Void Quarterstaff Either
Sessenaileama Arsonists, martyrs, soldiers Destruction, Fear, fire, Night Greatsword Negative
Solekniamendra Saboteurs, burrowing creatures, lepers disease-Domain, Destruction, Earth, Night Knucke axe Negative
Vestrivissia Adventurers, gamblers, thieves Luck, Glory, Travel, Trickery Rapier Positive
Y’malikorim Alchemists, constructs, craftsmen Artifice, Magic, Metal, Trickery Light hammer Either
Y’Tinasni Artists, astrologers, madmen Art, Madness, Water, Void Morningstar Either
Zaelendris Ghosts, undertakers, necromancers Death, Magic, Repose, Undead Light pick Either
Zelasindrillis Bards, flyers, illuminati, wanderers Air, Magic, Nobility, Travel Composite longbow Either

Psychopomp Ushers

Name Worshippers Domains Weapon Energy
Anguta Ith’n ya’roo, coastal barbarians, Sikoyans Animal, Death, Strength, Water Hooked axe Either
Anubis Anpur, gnolls, zendiqi Death, Protection, Repose, War Flail Either
Black Crow Disaffected youth, oracles, victims of crime, tengu Art, Death,Madness, Night Shortbow Either
Ereshkigal Cultists, exiled drow, the elderly Death, Earth, Liberation, Time Battleaxe Either
The Ghost in the Machine Artificers, boggles, tinker gnomes, technologists Artifice, Death, Knowledge, Metal Gnome pincher Either
The Guedia Non-zendiqi Porphyrans, brujo Charm, Community, Death, Pleasure Monk’s spade Either
Hecate Iskandari, Jheriaks, witches Death, Deism, magic, Plant Dagger Either
Hermes Iskandari, Jheriaks, merchants Death, Rune, Travel, Trickery Longsword Either
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