Ethereal Plane

Ethereal Plane
The Invisible Realm
The Ethereal Plane is a ghostly place a hair’s breadth from the realities of material existence— a realm of displaced dreams, nightmare horrors, potent emotion, untold phantoms, and wandering souls. It exists behind every other plane in the Realms Within, yet is its own unique place.
Category Realms Between
Gravity none
Time normal
Realm immeasurable
Structural lasting (although there is little on this plane to alter)
Essence mixed (see text)
Magic normal
Core Divinities <unknown>
Other Divinities <unknown>
Outsiders caulborn, sahkil, xill
Petitioners terrorized (sickly or haunted-looking figures)

  • Qualities immunity to death effects, disease, and poison

Monsters of Ethereal Plane

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