Enor Ashlord

Master of the Vines, Grape-King, The Tall Tyrant
Worshipers: Ash giants, druids, northern zendiqi
Domains: Disease, Earth, Elementalism, Plant
Favored Weapon: Grape hook (as kukri)
Favored Creature: Panther
Favored Instrument: None

The Gardens of Enoria were once the playground of the Ashlord Master of Vines, the Grape-King. A charismatic being, Enor was very popular among the Elemental Lords, and the zendiqi especially flocked to serve him in his fantastic palaces of coalesced ash. These servants were unusually cruel, used their greater size to push around smaller gnome, kobold and halfling slaves. The little folk pruned the lush vines and brush that covered the unearthly landscape and built temples and cities in Enor’s honor. The lands were fruitful and supplied Porphyra with much provender.

When The Calling brought new gods to Porphyra, Enor was attacked on two fronts by the upstart gods. First, Mâl, Destroyer of Worlds, used His influence to create a spreading area of tainted jungle, called the Forest of Gora, which crawled with mâlites. This affront prompted Enor Ashlord to abandon his land as he futilely hunted the god responsible. Secondly, a large piece of Landed territory manifested itself in the north of Enoria, a vast ruin of urban area from a destroyed world. This was the realm of Rolterra, a revolutionary deity followed by clans of surviving muses. A few Landed kobolds and the muses immediately took Her banner to the small slaves of Enor; halflings, gnomes, even derro, and inspired them to overthrow their slave-masters. This two-pronged assault drew essential troops from the efforts against the Middle Kingdoms in the east, and the Codion is still grateful after eight centuries. After running Enor down, the scythe of the Liberator herself cut the Tall Tyrant down, and he now cowers in a barely fertile slice of the Plane of Earth called the Garden of Soot, warmed by the nearby Plane of Fire.

The zendiqi garden-masters who enforced Enor’s will in the days of the Garden are long, long gone. Some rare few zendiqi in hunted clans in the northern lands pay homage to their exiled master, a practice their southern kin find vaguely repulsive. Strangely enough, several clans of ash giants are led by exceptional members of more organized disposition, who cast spells dedicated to the Ashlord. Halflings even today are incensed by the mention of Enor, and the small folk will do uncharacteristically unspeakable things to those still revering his memory. It is also been reported that decadent druids of vermin and destruction chant Enor’s name in the Scrublands, west of the Great Green.

Spell Preparation Ritual
The rituals of the garden-masters are long forgotten, but probably similar to the modern rite of eating a recently picked plant and rubbing ash in a pattern on one’s face. The intricate holy symbols of the antevocial era are now rare in the extreme, and rumored to possess additional powers; the few modern practitioners make do with crudely woven rattles, or the odd bottle with symbolic pieces within.

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