Energy Absorption

Greater Arcanist Exploit

Energy Absorption (Su): Whenever you are using the energy shield exploit, and the shield prevents 10 or more points of damage, you can absorb a portion of that energy and use it to fuel your exploits. After absorbing the damage, you can use any exploit that deals the same type of energy damage as the type your shield absorbed, reducing the cost to your arcane reservoir by 1 point. You must use this energy within 1 minute or it is lost. You do not gain more than one such use of energy per round, and you cannot store more than one use of this energy at a time. You must have the energy shield exploit to select this exploit.

Rage Power

Energy Absorption (Su; Con): Once per day, you can absorb the energy from a single attack that deals damage of the energy type you resist with the energy resistance rage power. You take no damage from the attack and don't attempt a saving throw. Instead, you increase the temporary hit points from your rage by an amount equal to 1/2 the damage you would have taken (ignoring her energy resistance). If you are at least 16th level, once before you rage ends, you can unleash the stored energy as a breath weapon in either a 60-foot line or a 30-foot cone. The breath weapon deals an amount of damage equal to the full amount you would have taken from the absorbed effect. Creatures affected by the breath weapon can attempt a Reflex save for half damage. You must have the energy resistance rage power and be at least 12th level to select this rage power.

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