Eldritch Cataracts

Eldritch Cataracts: Each time a spellcaster with this spellblight casts a spell, her vision becomes fuzzier and fuzzier until eventually she is blinded. Each time the spellcaster casts a spell, she must succeed at a Fortitude save with a DC equal to 15 + the spell’s level. If she fails, she takes a –1 penalty on vision-based Perception checks until the spellblight is removed. Further failed saving throws increase the penalty by 1 until the character reaches a –4 penalty, at which point she becomes blinded instead.

Eldritch cataracts is a difficult spellblight to cure. Any effect that cures blindness reduces the penalty by 1. If the penalty is reduced to –3 or lower, any blindness is relieved until the caster fails the Fortitude saving throw enough times to bring the penalty back to –4. Reducing the penalty to 0 cures the spellblight.

Blind creatures and creatures that don’t use sight are immune to eldritch cataracts.

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