Dusk Assassin

Dusk Assassin
Dusk assassins were trained in the shadow of Morah’Silvanath and fight a guerrilla war to destroy the great tree and restore their shattered homeland.

Class Skills: Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int), Ride (Dex), Survival (Wis), Use Magic Device (Cha).

Secret Training (Ex): Dusk assassins add half their class level (minimum +1) to Survival checks and to Knowledge (nature) checks to identify plant creatures, to gather specific plants, and to know the medicinal uses of plants. Dusk assassins know secret methods that allow them to bypass the poison immunity of plant creatures; any poison administered by a dusk assassin affects creatures of the plant type normally, ignoring the poison resistance of the plant creature type.

  • First Secret: Spore Breath (Ex, Dex, poison) At 6th level the dusk assassin deliberately cultivates a symbiotic mold in his lungs, and can exhale the spores of this mold in a 15 ft. cone as a swift action. Creatures in the cone must make a Reflex save or become dazzled for one round. Dazzled creatures are considered distracted as described in the Stealth skill. The assassin can take a standard action that does not trigger attacks of opportunity to ingest a poison in the same round he uses spore breath. The spores absorb and transmit the poison, all who fail their saving throw against spore breath are exposed to the poison (in addition to being dazzled), regardless of how the poison is normally transmitted.
  • Second Secret: Vermin Bond (Ex) At 10th level the dusk assassin forms a link with vermin. Vermin start out with an attitude of indifferent towards the dusk assassin (instead of the usual unfriendly) and generally won’t attack the dusk assassin (or his companions) unless attacked first. The dusk assassin can use Survival as if it was Diplomacy to change the attitude of vermin. The dusk assassin can use Survival as if it was Handle Animal to train vermin to perform tricks as if they were animals, but each vermin can only learn one trick. Both these effects bypass vermin’s mindlessness.
  • Third Secret: Fungus Bond (Ex) At 14th level the dusk assassin forms the same bond with fungus plant creatures as with vermin, above. Only plant creatures of Intelligence 4 or less have their attitude changed by this ability. The dusk assassin can also use Survival to teach tricks to fungal plant creatures of low Intelligence as if they were animals.
  • Fourth Secret: Spore Meld (Ex) At 18th level the symbiotic spores in the dusk assassin’s lungs can now reproduce poison. The dusk assassin can continue to use the last poison he imbibed with spore breath again and again, but each use after the first inflicts one point of Constitution damage. Using spore breath in this way is still a swift action. A dusk assassin immune to Constitution damage cannot use this class feature.
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