Duke Mastema

Duke Mastema (Arch-devil)
The Black Twin, Khan of the Asherake, The Punisher
Twin Son of Sathax
Worshippers: gladiators, mercenaries, privateers
Minions: asherake, rakshasas and half-rakshasas, giants
Domains: Death, Destruction, Strength, War
Lower Realm Dominated: Aeronicus, the Fourth
Favored Weapon: Bastard sword
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: Tiger
Favored Instrument: Trumpet

The twin brother of the Archdevil Melektus and arguably the eldest son of Lord Sathax and the Chained Queen, the Archdevil Mastema, called The Punisher, is the dark hope of lawful evil in the Seven Circles, as covertly rebellious as one may be in the Infernal Lands and still maintain one’s immortal existence. Mastema is as bold and defiant as Melektus is compliant and obedient, and believes, probably with some truth, that his father admires this and will reward him some day. Mastema chose to rise through the ranks of greater demons rather than be groomed for Lordship like his brother and sister, and what he lost in time invested he gained in knowledge of cruelty and manipulation, and figures himself Hadriel’s equal in that department. Mastema also disagrees with his fellows in the merits of the human race, and he rejects them with disgust, preferring non-human, more powerful races for his ends, his favorite being the felinoid asherake, rakshasas, and various giant races.

Mastema prefers whole tribes and racial variants for worshippers, rather than cultist cells lurking in basements and decadent palaces. The aggressive asherake warrior-race is his pride and joy, and much effort was placed in transplanting them to Porphyra. Worshippers of Mastema are a violent lot, but disciplined, and always push for war, alternated with periods of building up power; leader-types have the welfare of whole communities in their hands, and do not spend their lives gratuitously. Slaves taken may choose to worship Mastema, but it profits them little, being used for cannon-fodder and skirmishers rather than brute labor and food.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Within communities that worship Mastema, the morning meal is both sacrifice and worship service, calling for aid and magic from The Black Twin. It is perfunctory and functional, and always well-guarded. Certain scheduled observance are affairs with more pomp, with blaring trumpets, dire costumes and enactments, and pronouncements of the season of war.

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