Duke Ibolis

Duke Ibolis (Arch-devil)
The Singularity, The Hard Darkness
Worshippers: hermits, misanthropes, schizophrenics
Minions: solitary dragons, pit fiends, kaiju
Domains: Fear, Night, Time, Void
Lower Realm Dominated: Xozox, the Second
Favored Weapon: Any (selected at 1st level)
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: None
Favored Instrument: Dead-bell

It is held in The Gift of Knowledge that Ibolis was a slighted colleague of Sathax in whatever milieu of cosmic competition they came from, and that Sathax saw Ibolis’ hatred of other beings and fostered it for his own purposes. Ibolis was Sathax’s implacable ally in all things in that unimaginably ancient rebellion, a force of pure purpose unstoppable even by gods. The Hard Darkness’ wish of solitude and power over the self to the exclusion of imperfect others was granted when he helped Sathax achieve dominion over the Seven Circles, the only being among the Lords of Hell that is not family of some sort to The Dark Father; that suits Ibolis just fine. Ibolis hates to be seen or regarded, but fawning fanatics jabber about his figure being that of anti-light, no features but a dead-black outline of a powerful, cloaked being, like a hole in a canvas looking at the new-moon sky. He is likely the most secretive ruler of any of the lower planes that can be identified.

The doctrine of Ibolis states that his cults are cults of one, a solitary adherent who must cast off all ties with others, family and friends and other faiths. An adherent to Ibolis seeks to ruthlessly increase his power and perfect himself in an inexorable progress. They are very hard to detect because of this singularity and secrecy, and can wipe out a whole village of unworthies with dark efficiency. There is a protocol of recruitment of new cells, and of terse communication of established members, mostly through the use of carefully placed documents intended to corrupt likely recruits, and utilizing imps or accuser devils. Ibolites are master summoners, but immediately send their lackeys on tasks that will destroy them utterly and increase the power of their masters.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Spell preparation for Ibolites typically takes place in a private closet in one’s domicile, or under a specially prepared tent-like cloak when traveling. Whispers and recollections reinforce the superiority of the self, and conceals the cultist’s identity at the same time. Ibolites often conceal their identities for a long time, and pride themselves on operating right under the noses of those who would oppress their rise to greatness. A cloak of fiendish recovery is a prized magic item.

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