Duchess Hadriel

Duchess Hadriel (Greater Devil)
Duchess of Domination, The Ambitious One
Daughter of Lord Sathax
Worshippers: unmarried female aristocrats, social climbers, bureaucrats
Minions: Erinyes, gynosphinxes, pergensia
Domains: Charm, Knowledge, Retribution, Trickery
Lower Realm Dominated: Sorata, The Third
Favored Weapon: Sickle
Favored Animal: Eagle
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Instrument: Glockenspiel

Firstborn of Sathax, Hadriel was engendered to further their ambitions in new and Hellish ways. The infinite possibilities of political and personal manipulation are the meat and ale of Hadriel. It is said that she will have no being in her presence that is not bound to her will, that is not part of her overarching plan of infernal and Prime Material control. This is probably infernal propaganda, as she is obliged to follow the summons of her father, Lord Sathax, or, indeed, any other Pit Lords or Arch-Devils. Though her proclivities tend toward the female, it is known to students of the infernal that Hadriel’s reluctance to take a consort, male or otherwise, is a consternation to Hell’s aristocracy. It is whispered that Hadriel seeks a consort from the ranks of the non-infernal gods, and control of that consort will propel The Ambitious One into at least demi-goddess status. Hadriel always deals from a position of political or situational strength, her own personal preference, which raises a few brimstone-laced eyebrows in Hell, as ambition is usually associated with risk. She walks to the beat of her own drummer, though, and has created a network of spies, servants, and cat’s-paws that make her all but invulnerable to the machinations of her fellow-devils. She hosts an annual festival in Hell, celebrated also by her devotees on the Prime Material plane, in which gladiatorial contests are conducted.

Self-styled Hadrielites are bold and insinuate themselves into bureaucracies of all kinds in all situations, from field army supply stations and chapels, to large city administrations, to underworld warrens of swarming creatures; Hadriel is not choosy about her servitors other than their willingness to serve well and shrewdly. The Duchess of Domination is not pleased with her status as mere demigod, and wants, more than anything, to possess the Knowledge domain in her portfolio. That this basically means supplanting her father does not trouble the Infernal community, it is the natural way of things. Hadrielite cultists are efficient and helpful but always prepare blackmail books and bribery funds for every contingency in establishing power by any means, and real power, with legitimate backing, not squalid caves or ruins!

Spell Preparation Ritual
Hadrielites prefer a publicly viewed exhortation, a display of power at an altar or similar venue, as they rarely have to hide their actions. Barbed trinkets, censers, curved blades and books of power abound, and though interruption of an adherent will result in a wild rage (+1 to hit on the first strike) it is expected that all who view the ritual will be impressed and in awe of the power and boldness of the supplicant.

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