Magma Exarch, The Fiery Prisoner, Lava-Caller
Worshipers: Fire giants, mountain folk, pyromaniacs
Domains: Earth, Fate, Magic, Porphyran
Favored Weapon: Flamberge
Favored Animal: Thoqqua
Favored Instrument: Flute

As one of the Elemental Lords who used to rule over Porphyra before the arrival of the New Gods, Drothos was defeated in the Battle of Purple Mountain, and now dwells in an extraplanar volcanic caldera, waiting for his time to rise once more and spread devastation across the land. Saren has a particular hatred of Drothos, for the Lava-Caller’s destructive ways are a bitter reminder of the catastrophic destruction that erased Saren’s primordial home. Drothos neither knows nor cares about The Great Warden’s enmity, hating all of the New Gods for robbing him of his power.

Drothos often manifests in the form of a colossal salamander made entirely of volcanic rock and magma, emerging from the pool of lava in his volcanic prison. His eyes are glowing orbs of magma, the armored scutes along his back black basalt, capable of blowing clouds of burning, choking ash with every breath. Drothos is an eternal source of destruction, incapable of pity, mercy or compassion. Cruelty is a virtue to Drothos, and even those who spread destruction in his name and wield his power are of little consequence to him. The most loyal and powerful of his servants eventually succumb to the Call of Drothos, and throw themselves into the lava pool he dwells in and emerge as greater magma elementals in thrall to The Fiery Prisoner. Elementals who follow Drothos are gifted with his fiendish power, and hold that template as well. Drothos now considers himself to be part of the natural order-the bringer of extinction to clear the way for new life; but in truth he is a monstrous being whose ultimate pleasure is extermination. In the years since the NewGod Wars he has erased entire civilizations by triggering super-volcanic eruptions on many realities, lasting for years.

Being an old and vanquished ‘god’, there are few temples openly worshiping Drothos. At the height of his power, worshipers gained favor with Drothos by sacrificing to him; all were cast into pools of bubbling lava to sate Drothos’ appetite for destruction. His cult worshipers must also be ‘kissed by fire’, and as such, they must ritualistically brand themselves. A willful ignorance prevails over elemental cults, whereby those that claim to hate and disavow the gods gain divine power from those outsiders that have slipped outside the bonds of reality. Drothos’ clerical cultists are no different, and often work closely with sorcerers and the like to maximize their collective power.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Spell preparation often includes much one-upmanship in terms of burning and scarring competition- the most extreme being known to burn out their own eyes and/ or tongue, with Drothos replacing the ruined flesh with magical fire enabling them to see and speak. Worshipers also use amulets made of fresh globlets of erupted magma as foci for their power, the rock seeming to glow as if fresh.

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