The doathi are a cryptic people, unacknowledged as a true race among the annals of Porphyra; they differ little in appearance from Porphyran or Landed humans. What they are, in fact, are the haunted descendants of cross-breeds between servant and captive humans and the enigmatic lieutenants of vast alien forces, lieutenants called ogdoad. Ogdoad are fanatic followers of the primal forces of Chaos, and the advance force of unknowable alien masters From Beyond known as the Great Old Ones. The Great Invasion was repulsed by the Elemental Lords and their servants, the zendiqi, and legend has it the northeast swamp-coast was their last stand, “Dun Ayun Marek”- Dunmark. The half-breeds of human servants of the Great Old Ones and their inscrutable lieutenants, the powerful ogdoads, were left behind, and scattered into the hills and swamps, and tried to live prosaic lives. But the mad desires of the Chaos-driven frog-beings from Limbo cannot be quenched, and even countless generations later the sea, the swamp, and the dark stars call out to their souls and set them on paths that no God, Elemental of Great Old One could predict.

Physical Description
Doathi differ little from the human-norm of Porphyra, of Kayanoi, Landed and Porphyran stock, though primarily of the former and more of the latter than of the recent Landed folk. Long-distant ancestors of foul cross-breeds of humans and frog-like ogdoad outsiders, the most distinguishing feature of younger doathi are protuberant eyes, pale skin and the tendency to pant when not near a body of water. Doathi age as humans do, but those that reach middle age take on one of the following characteristics, and a -2 penalty to Charisma:

  • Gills: the character can breathe water
  • Scaly skin: +1 to natural armor
  • Perpetually open eyes: +2 to Perception
  • No ears: resist sonic 5

Those that reach ‘old’ age (60 years) receive the standard age penalties, but do not at ‘venerable’ age. At each year thereafter doathi have a 1% cumulative chance per year of making a full change into an ogdoad (equal chance of each of the four types) though a doathi’s maximum age is still human-normal. Doathi are not immediately identifiable as such (a DC 11 Knowledge (dungeoneering) check suffices) but they can always recognize each other, using terse words in Aklo to convey their connection.

A considerable number of doathi have little or no knowledge of their own true nature, except for a distant sense of other-ness, usually relieved by being surrounded by clannish relatives who are also doathi. The homogeneity of certain communities containing doathi creates a culture of a sort; they prefer lore, weird ritual and altered perception to prosaic life. Doathi are rather lazy workers, and their farms and businesses are inefficient and rundown. The contemplation of barely-perceived powers and influences seems to distract the average doathi from mundane concerns, especially as they grow older. Doathi are attracted to certain terrain, locations and ancient constructions. Clans and families prefer remote hills, run-down seaside towns, small islands, and isolated swamps, though especially intelligent doathi are drawn to old cities that have a reputation for learning and possess large libraries. Such old cities often have certain neighborhoods that have a large number of doathi.

At least half of the population of the Boroughs of Dunmark in northeastern Porphyra are doathi, the greatest concentration of the demi-race. More ‘normal’ humanoids do most of the ruling in that foggy, swampy place, but doathi are always there, behind the scenes, pursuing their rituals and observances, and keeping Deist and Elementalist eyes away from their sometimes dire pursuits. Doathi communities do not easily trust folk from outside, and do not easily mix in other cultures, either. Doathi also have a district in the bizarre city of G’sho’laa’n’rr, as the decadent erkunae revere Chaos and its products; the enclave there comes and goes like a free-zoo exhibit. Pockets of doathi, even lone individuals are found all over Porphyra, as are aasimar and tieflings.

Doathi look mostly human-normal, but are definitely not human. They can breed with humans (including erkunae and zendiqi) and there are foul rumors of doathi-boggard and doathi-grippli crossbreeds, but little is confirmed. Doathi cannot breed with any other humanoids- or so it is believed… Doathi have no particular like or dislike of any race on Porphyra, except for the zendiqi or other Porphyran-human races, such as Fourlanders and Coastlanders. They possess an ingrained genetic dislike for them, stemming from the repulsion of the Great Invasion. Doathi sometimes have a disturbing affinity for aberrations and aquatic monstrous humanoids, to the consternation of their fellow-folk to whom such beings are hostile. If doathi have greater influence or control over boggards and their smaller grippli kin such occasions are individual and notable.

Doathi rarely follow modern faiths according to the New Gods or the Elemental Lords, though they have been known to profess such faiths, or even lead congregations in false worship. This is an ingrained, genetic avoidance, an almost subconscious dislike, though doathi in a mixed community will likely pay lip service. Doathi communities usually have a “meeting hall” with a vaguely religious theme and ornamentation, with vaguely aquatic traces, sometimes confused with Ithreia or Poison Wave. They accept clerical magic and healing well enough, seeing it as mummery next to the power outside time and space.

Doathi are drawn to the worship of the Great Old Ones, bizarre ancient extraplanar megabeings that invaded Porphyra along with their loathsome minions millennia ago. As descendants of the lieutenants of the Great Old Ones, the ogdoads, they also have an innate sense of seeking to adore these creatures, as well. The most fervently attended secret ceremonies in their communities involve summoning creatures connected with the Great Old Ones, like bholes, colour out of space, deep ones, Leng creatures, elder thing, flying polyp, gug, hound of Tindalos, mi-go, nightgaunt, ogdoad, ratling, shantak, shoggoth, spawn of Yog-Sothoth, star-spawn of Cthulhu, voonith, wendigo, and yithians.

Doathi adventure primarily to satisfy their barely-understood hunger for knowledge about their murky heritage, to escape the clannish, insular communities of their people, or to satisfy a desire to achieve power. Some few whose families keep the old traditions and purposes alive and open may have specific agendas, such as acquiring a certain relic for a special ceremony, or to wreak havoc on the descendants of the zendiqi sheiks that repulsed the ogdoad and their masters. The wizard class is especially favored by doathi, and many doathi of martial temperament become arcane archers and eldritch knights- which form the core of Dunmark’s small army. Few doathi become champions or clerics, but those that do are dire and powerful indeed, fanatically serving the cause of the Great Old Ones. Assassins and rogues are common enough among them, killing and stealing for acquisitive purposes, especially ancient idols and charms; the arcane and dream secrets attract doathi assassins. Fighters, slayers, and stalwart defenders do not interest doathi, who seldom care for a stand-up fights and heroics.

Doathi names are usually old family names, handed down from unremembered generations and fairly narrow in scope. The very oldest of names are unisex, for male or female, and are given to those doathi for whom omens have predicted great achievements. Some daring or mad doathi will take the name of a Great Old One or some version of it, a shocking blasphemy!

Male: Asa, Barnabas, Dexter, Ephraim, Hazzerd, Obed, Willbur, Zadok
Female: Bast, Hester, Jazebel, Livinia, Maarsha, Rana, Shubie
Either: Arlya, Asenath, Edun, Oad

Doathi Racial Characteristics
Doathi player characters are defined by class levels—they do not possess racial hit dice. As a doathi you possess the following characteristics.

  • +2 to any characteristic, -2 to Charisma: You look like bug-eyed, thin-haired humans, having a dour manner and a froggy look.
  • Aberrant Beings: You are sired by ogdoad, and have the aberration type.
  • Medium: You are a Medium creature and have no penalties or bonuses due to size.
  • Normal Speed: You have a base speed of 30 ft.
  • Darkvision: You possess darkvision 60 ft.
  • Ogdoad Resistances: You possess resist acid 5 and resist sonic 5.
  • Unnatural Aura: Animals dislike your unnaturalness. You suffer a -4 penalty on Charisma-based skills, but gain a +4 racial bonus to AC against animals.
  • Remember the Sea: You gain a +4 racial bonus to Athletics checks to swim, and can always take 10 while swimming.
  • Languages: You begin play speaking Common and Ogdoadt. Characters with high intelligence can choose the following languages: Aboleth, Aklo, Aquan, Boggard, Old Porphyran and Protean.

Alternate Racial Characteristics
Below is a selection of racial traits that could be selected by doathi characters in place of the specified racial characteristics listed earlier.

Ancestral Home (Ex): Some doathi come from isolated clans that have lived in the same locality for centuries. You gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC when in a specific terrain type selected from this list: cold, forest, jungle, mountain, plains, marsh, urban, or waterways. This choice is made at character creation, and cannot be changed.

This replaces unnatural aura.

Doathi Magic (Sp): Doathi with a Charisma score of 11 or higher gain the following spell-like abilities once per day: command, comprehend languages, detect creature, doom.

This ability replaces remember the sea.

History of Conflict (Ex): Though typically no friend of Deists, doathi can harbor resentment of the zendiqi people and their servants that relegated them to subjugated people aeons ago. You gain a +1 racial bonus to hit zendiqi, and to hit elemental-kin (ifrit, khashabi, oread, sylph, undine, vithr)

This replaces unnatural aura.

Inheritor of Forbidden Lore (Ex): Certain doathi have an affinity for items that store magical power, a racial memory from aeons past. You gain Use Magic Device as a class skill and have +5 racial bonus to activate wands and scrolls with that skill- but no other item types.

This replaces ogdoad resistances.

Race Traits
The following are race traits of the doathi; a player character may take one racial trait.

Archetypes for Doathi
These class archetypes can only be taken by doathi.

Other Doathi Content
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