Djinnlord Qarryn

Djinnlord Qarryn
Master of M’harret, The Oppressor, The Great Windbag
Worshipers: Gnolls, slavers, sphinx
Domains: Air, Animal, Elementalist, Mind
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Favored Creature: Great horned owl
Favored Instrument: Shofar

One of the most powerful of the Genie Lords of the East, Qarryn, Lord of the Djinn was an overlord of unprecedented stature. That most djinni are individualistic and benevolent in nature speaks to the iron will of Qarryn, and his commitment to the alliance of elemental lords that ruled Porphyra. The eternal memories of djinn even today remembers The Oppressor and his methods of keeping his genie-folk in line. The tortures that can be exerted over a race that is, in effect, immortal are too horrible to contemplate. So it was to their shame that the main task of the djinni was to secure slaves to fuel the engines of the Djinnlord’s flying city. These and other mortal intermediaries dealt in promises to the middle and upper classes to secure what passed for an afterlife in the vast Tombs of Tel’ran, the burial cities that formed the outskirts of the larger ground-based cities.

So diabolical a system was the life-for-death exchange of Qarryn’s that the middle class tomb-tenders and farmers took to calling themselves ‘telrani’, people of the tombs, in the old tongue. This term was not one of obedience to Qarryn, as one might think, but of rebellion.

Of what Djinnlord Qarryn thought, few knew but the silent owl-people that were his closest circle, the syrinx. He raised them up from simple animals in eons past, and they fascinated him in ways no mortal can contemplate. Though the human template probably played a part in their creation, Qarryn saw humanoids as mere fodder for his wondrous city, M’harret, scarcely noting the ‘kingdom’ of the same name below.

When the New Gods came to Porphyra, it was Qarryn’s remote aloofness that facilitated his swift downfall. Rolterran radicals easily infiltrated the unhappy masses, and Yolanite mystics freed the fettered djinn commoners from their bondage. In a sweeping coup de main attack at the heart of the Flying City itself, Qarryn’s syrinx servitors were routed, and The Oppressor himself was banished to a windy corner of Hell, his neglected empire in ruins.

In the days of the peak of M’harret, Qarryn’s mortal servants wore robes of pastel feathers, silent and grim as the clouds M’harret flew above. Humanoids made businesslike proposals for slave exchanges and tomb rentals, and mundane transactions and perfunctory services in the ground cities. Syrinx clerics were the philosophers and mystics of his ‘faith’, and still are today. Some few cultists still exist in the ruins of M’harret, in the deep desert, taking slaves and pleading for the intercession of their lost lord.

Spell Preparation Ritual
In the days of M’harret, the devout would climb to the top of a staircase to small platforms in the clouds, regardless of weather, and beseech the air itself. Syrinx perform a corrupted version of this, accompanied by soft hooting in unison to unify their sinister group-think. Interrupting this ritual is likely to get one ripped to pieces.

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