Dhol Chants

Dhol Chants
A collection of hymns praising the Great Old Ones, supposedly sung by pre-human and proto-human cults in the very distant past and preserved by primitive tribes in remote areas. The text is obscure in the extreme but useful in ceremonies and rituals to placate different Great Old Ones. What fascinates intellectual readers is the deep complexity of the lyrics and music described. Though the notation is arcane, there are implications of mathematics far beyond normal understanding. Students of other subjects, such as linguistics and geometry, also find hints in the structure of the Dhol Chants that hint at deep secrets worthy of further study.
9th—gate, imprisonment
8th—dimensional lock
7th—antimagic field, sequester
6th—greater dispel magic
3rd—dispel magic, see invisible
2nd—death knell, invisibility purge
1st—deflection aura, ghostbane dirge
Preparation Ritual
Dhol Chanting (Ex): By chanting certain harmonies hinted at in the book and expending the preparation boon, you can apply the Enlarge Spell metamagic feat to any spell in the book, with no increase in effective spell level or casting time. The spell gains a verbal component if it doesn’t already have one.
Gain a bonus equal to the spell level of the highest-level spell in the book you can cast on Knowledge (geography, religion) and Linguistics checks.
The Dhol Chants are addictive. More and more, you will adapt the notation and expressions found in the chants, finding them more exact and meaningful than ordinary language and notation. Soon, you will find communicating in anything but Aklo to be cumbersome in the extreme, and after further study your choice of words and grammar becomes so complex that others require Linguistics checks to grasp your meaning. This is where creatures living beyond this world consider you worthy of conversation.

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