Demon, Succubus

Succubus (CR 7)
Medium outsider (demon)
Init 13; Senses darkvision, detect creature; Notice 23
AC 20, flat-footed 17; SR 22
(+3 Dex, +7 natural)
HP 84 (8d10+40)
Fort +7, Ref +9, Will +10
DR 10/cold iron; Immune electricity, fire, poison; Resist acid 10, cold 10
Speed 30 ft., fly 50 ft.
Melee 2 claws +11 (1d6+1)
Special Attacks energy drain, profane gift
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 12th; caster check +20)
Constant—detect creature, tongues
At will—charm monster (W-DC 22), detect thoughts (W-DC 20), ethereal jaunt, suggestion (W-DC 21), greater teleport, vampiric touch
1/day—dominate person (W-DC 23), summon (level 3, 1 babau 50%)
Str 13, Dex 17, Con 20, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 27
Base Atk +8; CMB +11; CMD 22
Feats Agile Maneuvers, Combat Reflexes, Iron Will, Weapon Finesse
Skills Acrobatics +14, Deception +19, Diplomacy +19, Escape Artist +14, Intimidate +19, Knowledge (local) +15, Knowledge (nobility) +15, Perception +13, Sense Motive +13, Stealth +14
Languages Abyssal, Celestial, Common, Draconic; tongues, telepathy
SQ change shape (alter self)
Environment Realms Beyond (Abyss)
Organization solitary, pair, or harem (3–12)
Treasure Value 5,200 gp
Special Abilities
Energy Drain (Su; energy drain; Cha) A succubus drains energy from a mortal she lures into an act of passion, such as a kiss. An unwilling victim must be grappled before the succubus can use this ability. The succubus's kiss bestows one negative level. The kiss also has the effect of a suggestion spell, asking the victim to accept another act of passion from the succubus. The victim must succeed on a DC 22 Will save to negate the suggestion. The DC is 22 for the Fortitude save to remove a negative level.
Profane Gift (Su) Once per day as a full-round action, a succubus may grant a profane gift to a willing humanoid creature by touching it for 1 full round. The target gains a +2 profane bonus to an ability score of his choice. A single creature may have no more than one profane gift from a succubus at a time. As long as the profane gift persists, the succubus can communicate telepathically with the target across any distance (and may use her suggestion spell-like ability through it). The succubus can remove it as a free action (causing 2d6 Charisma drain to the victim, no save).

Among the demon hordes, a succubus can often rise to incredible heights of power through her manipulations and sensual charms, and many a demonic war has raged due to the subtle machinations of such creatures. A succubus is formed from the souls of particularly lustful and rapacious evil mortals.

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