Deathchortle Cabal

Deathchortle Cabal
Deathchortle cabal brujo laugh at the absurdity of life, of sentient beings, and themselves. It is not a kind laughter, but closer to that of the insane. They are rarely quiet and wear motley, like fools.

Cabal Power (Su): As an immediate action, the deathchortle brujo can spend 1 point from his curse pool to gain DR 1/magic for 1 minute. At 9th level the brujo can spend 2 points to gain DR 2/silver, at 18th level he can spend three points to gain DR 3/—. This stacks with the benefits of a fetish cursed bond, and the materials needed to penetrate the damage resistance becomes those from this ability, superseding those from cursed bond.

Totem Animal: alligator (crocodile)
Elemental Weakness: air

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