Damage Reduction

Damage Reduction
Some magic creatures have the supernatural ability to instantly heal damage from weapons or ignore blows altogether as though they were invulnerable.

The numerical part of a creature's damage reduction is the amount of damage the creature ignores from normal attacks. Usually, a certain type of weapon can overcome this reduction. This information is separated from the damage reduction number by a slash. For example, DR 5/magic means that a creature takes 5 less points of damage from all weapons that are not magic. If a dash follows the slash, then the damage reduction is effective against any attack that does not ignore damage reduction.

Whenever damage reduction completely negates the damage from an attack, it also negates most special effects that accompany the attack. Damage reduction does not negate energy damage dealt along with an attack or energy drains. Nor does it affect poisons or diseases delivered by inhalation, ingestion, or contact.

Spells, spell-like abilities, and energy attacks (even nonmagical fire) ignore damage reduction.
If a creature has damage reduction from more than one source, the creature gets the benefit of the best damage reduction in a given situation.

Overcoming DR: Damage reduction may be overcome by special materials, magic weapons, and certain types of weapons (such as slashing or bludgeoning).

Ammunition fired from a projectile weapon with an enhancement bonus of +1 or higher is treated as a magic weapon for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Weapons with an enhancement bonus of +3 or greater can ignore some types of damage reduction, regardless of their actual material or alignment. The following table shows what type of enhancement bonus is needed to overcome some common types of damage reduction.

DR Type Enhancement Bonus
cold iron, hellstone, silver +3
adamantine, dreamstone, fire-forged steel, mawine +4
geranite, mercurial, platinum +5

Common Damage Reductions

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