Creature Loresight

Creature Loresight
Divination [dragon]
Level 1 (complex)
Casting Time one standard action
Components V
Range touch
Target creature touched
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Will negates
Spell Resistance Yes

You learn something significant about a creature (living or dead) that you touch. Go through this list, in order—the first bit of lore you don’t know, you learn magically:

  1. Creature’s race or type.
  2. Creature’s name.
  3. Creature’s class.
  4. How the creature died.
  5. Creature’s most recent, basic goal (obtain food, carry out the orders of its superior, get some sleep, etc.).
  6. Creature’s attitude toward you.
  7. Creature that this creature interacted with most recently (other than you).
  8. Creature’s most valuable possession.
  9. Location of the creature’s home or lair.
  10. Creature’s current thoughts.

Multiple castings allow you to gain multiple bits of information. If you know all of the above information, this spell teaches you nothing.

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