Creation Domain

Creation Domain
Faiths: Atum
Code of Conduct: You must spend craft points to create something or work using Perform or Profession each day.
Granted Powers: You can create true life that remains, and experiment with the permutations of all of the possibilities of nature.

  • Create Life (Sp): Once per day, a creature that you summon by means of magic remains for a number of days equal to your caster level, instead of rounds. This creature cannot be of the outsider, undead, or construct type.
  • Created Being (Sp): Once per day at 8th level, you can combine two castings of magic summoning spells to create a creature using the amalgam template; this power can be combined with create life as above, and has the same restrictions.

Domain Spells: 1st—summon monster I, 2nd—reduce animal, 3rd—greater magic fang, 4th—giant vermin, 5th—baleful polymorph, 6th—stone to flesh, 7th—giant form I, 8th—animal shapes, 9th—shapechange.

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