Create Undead

Create Undead
Necromancy [negative energy]
Level 6 (simple)
Casting Time 1 hour
Components V, S, M (an onyx gem worth at least 50 gp per undead HD)
Range close (10 ft./level)
Target one corpse
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none
Spell Resistance no

A much more potent spell than animate dead, this evil spell allows you to infuse a dead body with negative energy to create more powerful sorts of undead: ghouls, ghasts, mummies, and mohrgs (or similar undead approved by your GM). The type or types of undead you can create are based on your caster level, as shown on the table below. You many not create incorporeal undead.

Caster Level Undead Created
11th or lower Ghoul or CR 1
12th–14th Ghast or CR 2/3
15th–17th Mummy or CR 4/5
18th or higher Mohrg or CR 6/7/8

You may create less powerful undead than your level would allow if you choose. Created undead are not automatically under your control. If you are capable of commanding undead, you may attempt to command the undead creature as it forms.

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