Cool Cat

Cool Cat
For some, attitude is everything. For the cool cat, coolness is the perfect attitude for all situations. Cool cats are always charismatic, but charismatic folk are not always cool. Cool cats are not always actual cats, but they are usually cool enough to hang with cats. A cool cat can teach his allies to be cool, but they will never be as cool as him unless they, too, become cool cats. Many people dig coolness simply because it is cool, but that does not mean they really DIG coolness, in the understanding way of digging.

Aura of Cool (Su): Starting at 2nd level, the cool cat learns to maintain his cool. He becomes immune to fear and mind effects. In addition, the aura of cool grants a +4 morale bonus to saves against these effects to all allies within 20 ft.
This replaces evasion.

Cool Pool (Ex) Starting at 5th level, all cool cats gain a cool pool they can draw from to help them keep cool when the going gets tough. This cool pool is equal to 1/2 his vexer level + his Charisma modifier (minimum 1). A cool cat’s cool pool refreshes each day, after he gets a restful night’s sleep or 8 hours of rest. As a free action, he can expend 1 point from his pool to remove a penalty of -4 or lower to a single d20 roll. A cool cat can use this ability only once per round.
This replaces Luck Pool.

Cool cats gain access to the following vexer vexation.

Cooler than Cool (Ex): You gain cold resistance 5. This vexation can be selected multiple times. Its effects stack.

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